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Some sobering numbers fresh off the press …

US National Debt $17.6 trillion (total debt per family $757,331)
US Unfunded Liabilities $120 trillion

Currency and Credit Derivatives up 704% to $737 trillion
US Population: 318,542,155
Food Stamp Recipients 45,942,285
Total receiving Medicare/Medicaid/Food Stamps: 156,850,200
Private Sector Jobs: 115,472,993
Federal/State/Local Employees: 24,066,491

US GDP (Gross Domestic Product) $16.8 trillion Note: this number is inflated by 40% since it includes government transfer payments. Correct GDP is $10 trillion.

US Citizen Debt:
Personal $16.6 trillion
Mortgage: $13 trillion
Student Loan: $1.3 trillion
Credit Cards: $876 billion



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Curious Minds Want to Know . . .


by DAVID BROWN | | August 17, 2014

Interesting on the WSJ news broadcast this morning (7/28/14) carried on KTRH NewsRadio 740 via iHeartRADIO:  WSJ explained how the FBI was able to take photos they have collected of people who have been tortured to death by Syria’s Assad and then run these photos though a machine that could determine if they were Photoshopped or not.  Wonder why they didn’t use this on Obama’s allegedly forged Birth Certificate? They also exposed how Syria and Russia use the same numbering system for dead prisoners as Hitler. No mention of the thousands of Christians slaughtered by US-Backed “Rebels” in Syria or the thousands that Obama has personally ordered killed by Drones and no reference to Obama’s brag that “I’m really good at killing people”.

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Can Ukraine Escape IMF trap?

The documentation is out there to prove up a more reasonable and willing Russia after the USSR collapse. One item among many was Russian participation with NATO in developing a pan-European anti-missile shield. Despite the many insults to Russian pride and sovereignty by the West led by US/NATO implementing Gladio type Operations in Georgia, Ukraine and Chechnya. Putin has tried to be the adult on the global stage currently led by an inept Marxist Community Organizer to no avail. Russia has given concessions to no avail. Russia has tried to deal logically at arms length to no avail. Now, I think the US real agenda is clear for all the see especially Russia. Thus, Russia’s line has hardened and they are forming new alliances which will exclude the US/NATO/IMF and others.   Had the US used a more honest approach with Russia, it is my belief that our relationship would be on much better footing right now and much more cooperative. However, Putin is too smart to show his real anger but I believe this man is really pissed with the US lies, deceptions and the murders of Russian-speaking Ukrainians at the hands of US installed and backed NATO/IMF/EU friendly- forces. So Rather than sucker Russia into cooperation with NATO/IMF/EU, the Brzezinski doctrine of encircling and marginalizing Russia has caused them to scatter or move away from the globalist spider trap. Just watch what the IMF will do to Ukraine now that they have them. Just like a spider … sucks out the juice and tosses the dried carcass. Confirmed by Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland, key organizations in the Ukraine including the Neo-Nazi party Svoboda were generously supported by Washington: “We have invested more than 5 billion dollars to help Ukraine to achieve these and other goals. … We will continue to promote Ukraine to the future it deserves.” However the US installed terrorist government has now collapsed (like the MB in Egypt)… elections will be held but what will come next? To get the rest of the promised IMF bailout money the Ukraine will have to give up its sovereignty despite whoever may call themselves leader of Ukraine.

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The Case against Ethanol at the Gas Pump…

May 23, 2010 at 3:04pm

The Case against Ethanol…next time you fill up your gas tank and see the notice that up to 10% is Ethanol consider the following:

1) The production of Ethanol is harmful to the environment

2) Starving the world’s poor through higher food prices

3) Energy loser: It takes about 1.3 gallons of oil to produce one gallon of ethanol

4) When all of the federal subsidies are added in, the actual cost to taxpayers of ethanol-blended gasoline was $5.20 per gallon.

5) Three scientists from the University of Texas at Austin published a report on the deleterious effects that increased biofuels production will have on water quality, and therefore on energy consumption.

6) Corn ethanol production increases the use of fertilizer and increases erosion

7) By increasing biofuels production, particularly from corn ethanol, the US will increase the amount of energy needed to treat its drinking water because of increased nitrate concentrations in surface and ground water supplies.

8) An analysis from Purdue University reinforced the EPA’s original stance: that corn-based ethanol is unlikely to reduce global greenhouse gases. It found that substituting ethanol for gasoline would double greenhouse gas emissions by changing land use in 18 regions of the world.

9) The fuel economy of the Tahoe dropped 27 percent when running on E85 compared with gasoline, from an already low 14 mpg overall to 10 mpg (rounded to the nearest mpg). This is the lowest fuel mileage we’ve gotten from any vehicle in recent years.

10) When we calculated the Tahoe’s driving range, we found that it decreased to about 300 miles on a full tank of E85 compared with about 440 on gasoline. So you have to fill up more often with E85.

The Geopolitical Chessboard

Looks like the US plan to force Russia into submission by surrounding them with NATO forces may backfire. Russia, China and others are clearly seeing that the US cannot be trusted so they are looking to create a multipolar world to offset US war-mongering which is designed to create an Anglo-American monopolor New World Order. Zbigniew Brzezinski’s geopolitical template may be unraveling and have to be re-cast or discarded. If BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) and other countries are able to construct a viable counter balance to US hegemony, perhaps a new geopolitical strategy would be to appropriate this burgeoning counterbalance into the original New World Order. This would give the world the illusion of two world powers when in fact there will only be one system controlling from the top.

The Grand Chessboard: American Primacy And Its Geostrategic Imperatives

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Gladio Redux

Gladio continues today but has expanded to include ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Neo Nazis in Ukraine and others … if you want to understand the world you live in today, you must take the time to become informed. My collection of Gladio NFO below…


Gladio and the Creation of Geopolitical Chaos: “Gangs and ‘Counter Gangs” in Europe, Northern Ireland, Iraq and Now in Syria

Media: Information Gatekeepers?

It is important to realize that the role of the media is to act as the gatekeepers; to provide the basic building blocks of our collective reality, thus providing us the illusion of freedom by allowing the public debate on how to organize these blocks, but sadly most of us never, ever look at the blocks themselves to discover their construction.

The blocks are created and promulgated by a system designed by the ‘elites’ or whatever name you want to give them. The names change and the people die but the system they have created continues. If we only take in officially approved information, we will never discover the truth of who controls the blocks that we have come to accept as ‘well established fact’. All the real data remains in plain view but we remain oblivious, since our unexamined assumptions prohibit questions of first principles. So how do we replace false data with real data?  It takes some time and effort to dig it out. The elites have almost always been very clear about their intentions in their own writings.  The documentation is there for all to see, if you have the time, energy and access to do the fundamental research. This is not a theory, but a fact.  What does it mean to you if you discover that the assassination of an American president and the 9/11 attacks were inside jobs followed by government coverups … all accomplished in broad daylight for all to see?  Our assumptions will not allow us to question the official narrative which is backed up by the official media and their ‘talking-heads’ and the official education system.  Likewise the government murdering Ambassador Christopher Stevens; or in  arming and financing of Al-Qaeda and ISIS in the Middle East; or the government financing of Neo-Nazis in Ukraine are not to be questioned.

For example, the CIA developed a clever and effective Psychological operation (PSYOP) after many started to doubt the official JFK assassination report. This is documented. The design and purpose of this PSYOP was to stop critical analysis of the facts. When someone uses the term ‘conspiracy theory’ any additional thought stops. You could call this a ‘thought-stopper’. It has worked rather well. If you want to discredit someone or to put them down to make them look stupid you just call them a conspiracy theorist and you are done.  Search the phrase ‘CIA invents Conspiracy Theorist’ and you will find ample documentation.

Most people cannot fathom the power that the ‘elites’ have or that they look upon you and me as useless eaters and breeders … even subhuman. That’s what the ability to call into creation trillions of dollars at the flick of a pen or click of a mouse will do to a mortal man’s ego. He believes he is innately better than all the rest of us and seeks to control us like domesticated livestock. It is well documented by Quigley, Antony C Sutton and others that the elites use and finance socialism, communism, or any ism that will collect and concentrate power: Mao, Stalin and Hitler are a few they have financed in the past.

Here in the USA, elites have used tax-exempt foundations to stash much of their massive wealth only to promulgate the illusion they are philanthropists, kind and generous; but in fact they direct and control where the money is spent tax-free and no one is the wiser.

Admittedly there are a many real kooks out there that will believe anything they see on the internet or in print, so you must thoroughly research history from more than the official narrative; remembering that the victor of war always writes the history that subsequent generations will see and study. Most of the best information comes from inside the inner circles of the elites themselves. A good primer would be Tragedy & Hope 101 by Joseph Plummer, or the Anglo-American Establishment by Carroll Quigley. In your journey to discover the real mechanisms of control, it is critical that you understand who Professor Carroll Quigley was and how he and others obtained their source documents revealing the men behind the curtain who control the illusions many believe as fact.

To help in this journey, I have created a partial reading list here.  Enjoy!

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The Establishment’s favorite whipping boy


by DAVID BROWN | | JULY 29, 2014

Alex Jones is sometimes gruff, emotional and angry and his delivery style, voice and physical presence are not to everyone’s liking or taste. After all he’s not a news-anchor babe or a Madison Ave trained talking head. And he didn’t go to any Ivy League school I am familiar with. He would stick out like a sore thumb at any erudite social gathering with the upper class of the Northeast establishment so he is a pariah, an outcast and just doesn’t belong with the politically well-connected or the shakers and the movers of this country. So what makes Alex so popular and what makes him worth our attention?

Simply, Alex has done his homework and unlike so many of his contemporaries, he documents and can substantiate what he says and what he says matters. Is Alex Jones 100% correct in everything he says? Nope. Should you blindly believe everything he says? Nope, but you should check it out for yourself. So many other news sources are beholden to their corporate masters and do little to no documentation since it is much easier to just repeat what is already on the news wire. Alex does his own investigations, his own research and documents just about everything he says or writes. Why? Because if he didn’t, his very formidable enemies would have him for lunch. So next time you hear a gratuitous swipe at Alex, check the facts and you might discover Alex has been right all along.

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News Hound

I have always been a news hound as far back as I can remember. Originally, the only news I could receive was from the local news paper and three TV stations: ABC, NBC & CBS. The newspaper was limited to covering local, small-town events and then they would defer everything else to the New York Times or other big ‘well respected’ news authorities. The TV stations stood out to me remarkably because they covered the same news items every day the same way. Even as a child, I thought how odd that ABC, NBC & CBS would all come to the same conclusions the same way. I knew something was up. I knew there was someone, somewhere behind the scenes controlling what was considered important news and what was not; and I also knew that if you can pick and choose your facts: what to emphasize what to de-emphasize and what to leave out, you can tell whatever story that needs to be told. Later we had PBS which had NOVA and Jacob Jacob Bronowski’s series ‘The Ascent of Man’, which I loved; but even my new hope for good information was spoiled by PBS & NPR when they consistently shaped the news to their liking. Still later we had CNN, CSPAN-1 & CSPAN-2 but I never felt I was getting the whole truth. Then Fox News arrived and widened the news perspective just a bit but still stayed close to center gravity created by all the weight of other news spigots.

Later, Fox News got in trouble with cell phone hacking in the UK and jail time was threatened against the owner of Fox News. So as the threats increased, Fox News seemed to react by changing their perspective to be more in line with the establishment and even canceled a very successful and probative program, replacing it with reruns of unsuccessful programs. I smelled a rat. So, I turned off my TV and haven’t watched it since.

Other bright spots in the news delivery service is the great expanse of news available online. The Drudge Report is a good news aggregator and Matt Drudge has a sublime talent for telling a story and creating news using only his headlines he places in the links to the news stories he aggregates on his site.

There are many other excellent new aggregators like:

Full Spectrum Dominance and Global Research

Since I don’t watch TV anymore, I have much more time to read and read I have. Major books and videos that have opened my eyes wide enough to see who the men are that control our news and thus our collective sense of reality are:

  • Classified Woman-The Sibel Edmonds Story: A Memoir by Sibel Edmonds
  • None Dare Call it Conspiracy by Gary Allen
  • Richard Nixon: The Man Behind the Mask by Gary Allen
  • Kissinger: The Secret Side of the Secretary of State by Gary Allen
  • The Rockefeller File by Gary Allen
  • The Anglo-American Establishment by Carroll Quigley
  • Hope & Change by Carroll Quigley
  • Hope & Change 101 by Joseph Plummer
  • Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution by Anthony C. Sutton
  • The Creature from Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin
  • The Money Masters (film) by William T. Still and Patrick S. J. Carmack
  • The Grand Chessboard: American Primacy And Its Geostrategic Imperatives by Zbigniew Brzezinski

More Reading …

Some of the best news analysis comes from the following:

  • James Corbett of The Corbett Report
  • Zerohedge
  • Paul Craig Roberts

And on the cutting edge and early adopters of real ClearNFO, you have Alex Jones and the John Birch Society

There are many more important news sources on the Wild, Wild Web, but I’ll leave that up to discover on your own.

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The Three Religions of science…

November 25, 2010 at 10:58am

What are the Three Religions of science or the three sets of laws?  First, to handle the really big stuff, we have Einstein’s general theory of relativity, string theory, M-Theory, etc.  Second, for the medium-sized stuff– that is generally understandable by the human mind– we have Newton’s classic laws of physics and for the really small stuff we have the third child in this sibling rivalry called Quantum Physics .   The problem with all three of these separate and distinct sets of rules is that no one can stitch them together into a consistent set of rules that are universally applicable.  In short they are not in agreement.  All three theories are true except when they are not.  The solution is for us to change our religion or more precisely our epistemic system based on what we are observing.  So, is there some enduring truth to be offered up by science or is science just a grand illusion based on the pragmatist philosophy that if it works then it’s true?  What kind of enduring truth have we found here?  We change our rules based on what works as dictated by our environment; but we are not very well equipped to probe beyond merely being a reaction to external events and then inventing a language and a resultant description of what we have observed.

We can create and then memorize the Phylum, Genus and Specie of every plant and insect in the Trans-Pecos Wilderness but what do we really know?  As gods we sit on our lofty body of knowledge assured in the truth of what we know but what do we know really?   Just because we can regurgitate the Phylum, Genus and Specie of the Creosote bush, do we know more about the Creosote bush than the Creosote bush grasshopper who makes his living there?