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Soros and the CIA

by DAVID BROWN | | October 29, 2014

While it is no secret that the CIA gets much of its off-budget and out of sight money from trafficking illegal drugs; what is sometimes missed is the financial help the CIA receives from the likes of George Soros and Pierre Omidyar: billionaire founder of eBay, PayPal, the Alt news publication the ‘Intercept’ and BTW Glenn Greewald’s boss. Both of these shady characters have motives hidden from public view.

For example Pierre Omidyar and George Soros provided financial assistance to the CIA’s recent takeover of Ukraine by funding and backing neo-Nazis. This is nothing new for Soros since as a boy he is on record helping Hitler. ‘George Soros Says He Feels No Remorse For Collaborating With Nazis During WWII to Send His Fellow Jews to the Death Camps, Steal Their Property’.

Pierre Omidyar’s publication called The Intercept is an online publication launched in February 2014 by First Look Media, the news organization created and funded with a $250m check from Pierre. And who heads up this alternative news outlet? None other than Glenn Greenwald of Edward Snowden fame. And the roots run deeper, Pierre was key in assisting the CIA’s takedown of Julian Assange’s Wikileaks. So now we see there are some interesting connections between the CIA, Pierre, Glenn Greenwald and Edward Snowden.

Below, you will find more meddling in Brazil by George Soros and his pals at the CIA. And of course when the CIA shows up there is usually a convenient political death by plane crash. My political advice: If you know the CIA doesn’t like you, stay away from planes. Get a ride by donkey, burro or bicycle.

Arminio Fraga Neto with George Soros

Soros and the CIA Now Banking on Neves to Defeat Rousseff

The Snowden Connection

The Kerry-Abdullah Secret Deal

Folks, if you seek to understand the geopolitics at play and cut through the MSM fog, you must apprise yourself the benefit of articles like the one below.

The Kerry-Abdullah Secret Deal
Oil-Gas Pipeline War On Iran, Syria And Russia

By ​​​​F. William Engdahl


by DAVID BROWN | | October 25, 2014

The Tweet below is representative of many I find on this morning’s twitter feed concerning the dreaded ‪#‎Ebola‬.

lcl1456 @lclowery 13m13 minutes ago
Stop the craziness #Ebola – listen to the experts. We’re not at risk – calm down.

If you choose the ‘Top’ Twitters with the hash-tag #Ebola, you will always find a plethora of government-sponsored tweets along the same line, reassuring the reader that the government has everything under control and there is zero need to be concerned. You will see happy pictures a-plenty of the young and beautiful Nina Pham bear-hugging the kind, caring and magnanimous Obama in the WH. Perhaps Nina forgot that just a few days ago this same WH was blaming her for contracting Ebola and thus blaming the victim, but now all is forgotten or forgiven when Nina has the opportunity to share the same air space with Obama the savior; and, so the happy spin is complete, and all of America can sigh a calm relief.  But not so fast . . .

BO hugs Ebola Girl

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Demographic Winter and Population Growth

by DAVID BROWN | | October 24, 2014

It is important to understand two concepts when thinking about the world population. The fear mongers would have you believe that the growth rate is linear or exponential in an unstoppable upward trend until the masses of humanity consume all the world’s resources. This is just wrong-headed when you don’t consider fertility rates and the necessary lag time for women to reach child bearing age. The facts are that while population in total may be increasing at the present, the rate of growth is decreasing in most countries (see URL link below).

Just to keep a population at a zero growth rate you must constantly replace the people who are dying from old age, illness, accidents, wars, etc. This replacement rate is generally considered to be 2.1 for developed countries and 2.3 for underdeveloped countries.

So in developed states we need a fertility rate of about 2.1 children per woman and in less developed states we need about 2.3 children per woman just to stay at zero growth.

Now, babies don’t just pop out immediately so you have to wait until the woman is of child bearing age plus nine months. This is a lag of say 20 years. Additionally, if fertility rates are below the replacement rates of 2.1 or 2.3, the shrinkage of the population will not be noticed for many years but when it is noticed the drop is dramatic, sudden and can feed on itself for generations. The unintended consequences of low fertility rates: 1) not enough young people to support the elderly; 2) aging work force; 3) necessity to import more fertile immigrants; and 4) resultant changes to the culture and standard of living.

The current fertility rate for the USA and Australia is 1.9 and for the UK and France is 2.0; China is 1.7 and Canada is 1.6; all below the necessary 2.1 to maintain zero growth.

The average total fertility rate in the European Union (EU-27) has been calculated at 1.59.

Most fertility rates are down world-wide
Source of data: The World Bank
Fertility rate, total (births per woman)
  Demographic Winter

Ukraine Crisis

by DAVID BROWN | | October 23, 2014

I received some interesting commentary and dramatic pictures (below) this morning that adds some context to what is going on with the Ukraine Crisis today.  I was aware of the 10 million or so Ukrainians that Stalin starved and  murdered but was unaware of some of the old wounds and butchery which occurred by Ukrainian groups during this time.  The Nazi element in Western Ukraine makes more sense now.  See also ‘Massacres of Poles in Volhynia and Eastern Galicia‘ on Wikipedia to get a sense of the ‘Stepan Bandera faction of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists‘.  To add even more color, you should watch one of the most interesting documentaries called . . .


Let the barbaric pictures below be a reminder of man’s seemingly inexhaustible inhumanity to man.  With the context painted above, we should have a better insight of how the Obama Administration and NATO were able to leverage these old pains and hatreds . . . of course with the help of the CIA and $5 billion in NGO fronts.  And we shouldn’t forget Pierre Omidyar and George Soros provided financial assistance to the CIA’s takeover of Ukraine.  BTW, the U.S. puppet government installed by Obama in Kiev, and Obama’s Gladio operatives aka the Ukraine Nazis –yes real Nazis– are bombing and butchering innocent civilians today (as you have your morning coffee) in the once peaceful Ukraine.  Where is the U.S. MSM (Mainstream Media)? Nowhere.

According to a new report from a German investigation reported in Der Spiegel, the new U.S. installed government in Kiev was responsible for the shooting down of the Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 killing 298 people, not Russia. This is interesting since it was Obama who wanted to use this as an excuse to wage war against Russia.  Same MO (Method of Operation) he used in Syria with the Sarin gas which was released by our proxy ‘good moderate rebels’ and not Assad as Obama lied us into believing. Bottom line folks, there is real evil afoot in America today.  Below, you will find a poorly translated, heart-felt narrative that was posted with the horrific pictures of unbelievable cruelty that still presses on the minds of this generation.

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How to Start a War and Lose An Empire By Dmitry Orlov

Great Analysis by Dmitry Orlov.  Partial extract below…

How to Start a War and Lose An Empire
By Dmitry Orlov

“But this is only the beginning. The Russians seem to have finally realized to what extent the playing field has been slanted against them. They have been forced to play by Washington’s rules in two key ways: by bending to Washington’s will in order to keep their credit ratings high with the three key Western credit rating agencies, in order to secure access to Western credit; and by playing by the Western rule-book when issuing credit of their own, thus keeping domestic interest rates artificially high. The result was that US companies were able to finance their operations more cheaply, artificially making them more competitive. But now, as Russia works quickly to get out from under the US dollar, shifting trade to bilateral currency arrangements (backed by some amount of gold should trade imbalances develop) it is also looking for ways to turn the printing press to its advantage. To date, the dictat handed down from Washington has been: “We can print money all we like, but you can’t, or we will destroy you.” But this threat is ringing increasingly hollow, and Russia will no longer be using its dollar revenues to buy up US debt. One proposal currently on the table is to make it impossible to pay for Russian oil exports with anything other than rubles, by establishing two oil brokerages, one in St. Petersburg, the other, seven time zones away, in Vladivostok. Foreign oil buyers would then have to earn their petro-rubles the honest way—through bilateral trade—or, if they can’t make enough stuff that the Russians want to import, they could pay for oil with gold (while supplies last). Or the Russians could simply print rubles, and, to make sure such printing does not cause domestic inflation, they could export some inflation by playing with the oil spigot and the oil export tariffs. And if the likes of George Soros decides to attack the ruble in an effort to devalue it, Russia could defend its currency simply by printing fewer rubles for a while—no need to stockpile dollar reserves.
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History we never knew

by DAVID BROWN | | October 20, 2014

In an effort to better understand today’s political and economic structures, it is important to take a look back to discover from whence they came and how they arrived at the apex of the predominant power structure we see all around us today.

Like no other, Carroll Quigley gave us a back-stage introduction of the actual workings of the network who shaped yesterday’s world. (See: Anglo-American Establishment and Tragedy and Hope) In today’s world, we see these same forces, structures and techniques at work from the happy heirs of the power structure set into motion by the Anglo-American Establishment. Some of the names have changed, but there exists an unmistakable lineage that can be exposed by fact, not conjecture or theory.
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The PNAC agenda: “New Pearl Harbor”

by DAVID BROWN | | October 18, 2014

After the fall of the Soviet Union on December 26, 1991, the “Military-Industrial Complex”  President Eisenhower warned American Citizens about was in search for a new enemy and a “New Pearl Harbor” in PNAC’s own words to sustain the flow of funds.
PNAC’s Founder Dick Cheney

PNAC’s first public act was to release a “Statement of Principles” on June 3, 1997.  In this statement of principles, you will find the following statement . . .

Section V of Rebuilding America’s Defenses, entitled “Creating Tomorrow’s Dominant Force”, includes the sentence: “Further, the process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event––like a new Pearl Harbor”  [emphasis mine].

The Attack on Pearl Harbor from a Japanese plane view

On Tuesday, September 11, 2001, America got her “New Pearl Harbor” and her new enemy which happened to be funded and armed by the CIA.

President Eisenhower warns America of things to come

PNAC Signatories

How it really works …


by DAVID BROWN | | October 18, 2014

“Old John D. Rockefeller and his 19th century fellow-capitalists were convinced of one absolute truth: that no great monetary wealth could be accumulated under the impartial rules of a competitive laissez faire society. The only sure road to the acquisition of massive wealth was monopoly: drive out your competitors, reduce competition, eliminate laissez-faire, and above all get state protection for your industry through compliant politicians and government regulation. This last avenue yields a legal monopoly, and a legal monopoly always leads to wealth.

This robber baron schema is also, under different labels, the socialist plan. The difference between a corporate state monopoly and a socialist state monopoly is essentially only the identity of the group controlling the power structure. The essence of socialism is monopoly control by the state using hired planners and academic sponges. On the other hand, Rockefeller, Morgan, and their corporate friends aimed to acquire and control their monopoly and to maximize its profits through influence in the state political apparatus; this, while it still needs hired planners and academic sponges, is a discreet and far more subtle process than outright state ownership under socialism. Success for the Rockefeller gambit has depended particularly upon focusing public attention upon largely irrelevant and superficial historical creations, such as the myth of a struggle between capitalists and communists, and careful cultivation of political forces by big business. We call this phenomenon of corporate legal monopoly—market control acquired by using political influence—by the name of corporate socialism.”

Antony C. Sutton
Wall Street and FDR


MK-ULTRA, Monarch & Paperclip



The beast that is the United States Government: The United States Federal Government has come a long way since its founding.  Time to rein it in don’t you think?

NOTE: Great summary of the ‘Origins and Techniques of Monarch Mind Control‘ from The

Monarch Programming is a method of mind control used by numerous organizations for covert purposes. It is a continuation of project MK-ULTRA, a mind-control program developed by the CIA, and tested on the military  and civilians. The methods are astonishingly sadistic (its entire purpose is to traumatize the victim)  and  the expected results are horrifying: The creation of a mind-controlled slave who can be triggered at anytime to perform any action required by the handler.  While mass media ignores this issue, over 2 million Americans have gone through the horrors of this program. This article looks at the origins of Monarch programming and some of its methods and symbolism.

“Trauma-based mind control programming can be defined as systematic torture that blocks the victim’s capacity for conscious processing (through pain, terror, drugs, illusion, sensory deprivation, sensory over-stimulation, oxygen deprivation, cold, heat, spinning, brain stimulation, and often, near-death), and then employs suggestion and/or classical and operant conditioning (consistent with well-established behavioral modification principles) to implant thoughts, directives, and perceptions in the unconscious mind, often in newly-formed trauma-induced dissociated identities, that force the victim to do, feel, think, or perceive things for the purposes of the programmer. The objective is for the victim to follow directives with no conscious awareness, including execution of acts in clear violation of the victim’s moral principles, spiritual convictions, and volition.

Installation of mind control programming relies on the victim’s capacity to dissociate, which permits the creation of new walled-off personalities to “hold” and “hide” programming. Already dissociative children are prime “candidates” for programming”. [5. Ellen P. Lacter, Ph.D., The Relationship Between Mind Control Programming and Ritual Abuse]

“The basis for the success of the Monarch mind-control programming is that different personalities or personality parts called alters can be created who do not know each other, but who can take the body at different times. The amnesia walls that are built by traumas, form a protective shield of secrecy that protects the abusers from being found out, and prevents the front personalities who hold the body much of the time to know how their System of alters is being used. The shield of secrecy allows cult members to live and work around other people and remain totally undetected. The front alters can be wonderful Christians, and the deeper alters can be the worst type of Satanic monster imaginable–a Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde effect. A great deal is at stake in maintaining the secrecy of the intelligence agency or the occult group which is controlling the slave. The success rate of this type of programming is high but when it fails, the failures are discarded through death. Each trauma and torture serves a purpose. A great deal of experimentation and research went into finding out what can and can’t be done. Charts were made showing how much torture a given body weight at a given age can handle without death.” [9. Springmeier, op. cit.]

“Due to the severe trauma induced through ECT, abuse and other methods, the mind splits off into alternate personalities from the core. Formerly referred to as Multiple Personality Disorder, it is presently recognized as Dissociative Identity Disorder and is the basis for MONARCH programming. Further conditioning of the victim’s mind is enhanced through hypnotism, double-bind coercion, pleasure-pain reversals, food, water, sleep and sensory deprivation, along with various drugs which alter certain cerebral functions”. [10. Patton, op. cit.]

Wikipedia: MK-ULTRA  and Operation Paperclip