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by DAVID BROWN | | Mar 30, 2016



WALL: Am I for a wall on our Southern Border?  Not necessarily.  I would be happy if our Border Patrol Agents were permitted to do their jobs; and I think it is important for any nation that intends on remaining a nation, to know who exactly is entering their country.  Even if a wall is never built, Trump’s wall represents a symbol, a chess piece in the grand globalist game; it says that the days of the globalist are ending; it says no more open borders; it is a gutsy, in-your-face challenge to the establishment power structure that says no more, this charade of yours must end.  The globalists are freaking.

TRADE: Am I for Free Trade?  Hell, yeah!  I am for free trade that is fair trade.  Am I for trade agreements like TPP that cedes our sovereignty to an unelected bunch of bureaucrats who report only to cabals of international banks and corporations?  Nope.

DEFENSE: Am I for a strong defense?  Yep.  Defense is the operative word; not offense.  I am not for going all around the globe kicking everyone’s ass I see.  I am not for foreign entanglements all across the globe which serve only to enrich a select group of military contractors and their bought and paid for pals in congress.

NATO: Has outlived its original purpose and has become a tool of the CFR, the RIIA and their geopolitical agenda.

PUTIN: Am I for working with Putin and Russia? Yes! Putin has proven he is the only adult in this crazy game of chicken our Pentagon planners are playing. There is mutual respect between these two.

VETS: Am I for taking very good care of our Vets? You bet’cha! That’s part of the price of waging all these pointless, illegal and unconstitutional undeclared wars. We need to own this.

FED: Am I for auditing the Fed?  Duh.

ACTING PRESIDENTIAL (a.k.a. being PC): Since we are all so tired of professional politicians lying to us with their nice sounding words, it would be nice to have someone who was not afraid to say what was on his mind, even if it ruffled a few feathers.

FINANCIAL ACUMEN: Since we have fifteen hundred trillion in derivatives floating around the globe, it would be nice to have a president who actually knew what a derivative was.  Since we have $19 trillion in debt and $101 trillion in unfunded liabilities, it would be nice to have a president who has actually read and understands balance sheets and income statements.

HATE: Trump’s list of haters are the same people who are trying to destroy this country and control the world: The Globalists, George Soros, the DNC/RNC duopoly, the Bilderbergers and the Davos crowd.

CAUTION: Will any of the Presidential Candidates be able to deliver on all or most of their promises? No. Why not? Because we have an entrenched structure of special interests and bureaucrats who control the mechanisms of government. Until you change this, there will be no fundamental change. The private CFR for example controls the US foreign policy and dictates our geopolitics. The private Federal Reserve for example can do whatever it wants irrespective of the President or the Congress. The secretive CIA and NSA keeps everyone in line using blackmail or worse.

P.S.  Just Trump mentioning the ‘Wall’, sends shivers of fear and loathing down the spines of the Globalists since that would derail a major part of their plans; likewise, Trump’s comments on the so called trade agreements would set them back decades. I like that a lot; but what I’m curious about is the possibility of a real investigation that would expose their role in 9/11. Trump is a builder, a NYC builder and knows full-well that three buildings could not have been brought down by two planes; free-fall no less. Trump knows that this was a controlled demolition that had to be pre-planned months in advance. I bet the Globalists are wetting their pants over this. On the other hand, this might be a grand opportunity for Trump to make the deal of his life or for his life.  Sit back and enjoy the full-on offensive as the Globalists and their hired hands uncloak and try to wreck Trump’s assault on their one world government Utopia.

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Rogue Nation

by DAVID BROWN | | Mar 29, 2016

Rogue Nation

Rogue Nation

The Western Media act as the gatekeepers of information using two primary methods: Omission: They partially or completely ignore important information without which their consumers cannot make informed judgements. They are in effect the editor of the story they are selling. Propaganda: They use the many tools in the propagandists’ quiver such as the 42 primary logical fallacies, promotion of truth by authority not authority by truth, disinformation based on false assumptions and promulgate information that is fundamentally false and of course Hollywood. At the end of the day, you have a general population who believes the officially promulgated narrative which serves not the consumer’s interest but the interest of others.

So it is not surprising most Americans think Putin invaded Ukraine for example, not realizing it was their own State Department and CIA that orchestrated the violent takeover of a democratically elected government resulting in the deaths of thousands of innocent men, women and children. This is all well-documented, but cannot be found in the major media organs in the West. The techniques of this takeover in Ukraine are also well documented: Gladio B, Color Revolutions, NGOs, etc.

These same techniques were used by the US/NATO using Gladio A, the Arab Spring, etc… setting the entire MENA region on fire; resulting in the deaths of millions, and the total destruction of many nations in this area. Still most Americans blame this on the local people and on IS/ISIS/ISIL, etc. as their media have taught them to do. It is also a well-documented fact, that the US/NATO, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Turkey and Qatar have armed, trained and funded IS/ISIS/ISIL for use as their covert proxy army to give them plausible deniability. They pretend to fight ISIS, while at the same time supporting ISIS.

The media have kept this important information from most of their consumers, but they have not been successful hiding the US/NATO actions from the likes of Russia and China and others. All have watched in horror as the leader of the so called ‘Free World’ has uncloaked in front of them, revealing a chilling unchecked duplicity and villainy with no respect for human life, national borders, international law or even the laws of their own countries. The result is that while Russia and China once believed that they could engage in arms-length transactions, build trust and a workable relationship over time; all this has now been shattered by the actions of the US and its vassal states in tow. A great opportunity has been lost.

Now that Russia and China have witnessed the repeated lawlessness of the US, they no longer dream of a partner that they can learn to work with, rather they are now preparing to protect themselves from this rabid, rogue nation; and, perhaps how to confront and put it down.

Obama is killer #1 (Проект 60sec №220. Акция: “Обама киллер №1”)

What China really thinks. Translated from Mandarin…
Russia snubbed from exclusive Western circle
Source:Global Times Published: 2016-4-9 0:58:01

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Why Vote?

by DAVID BROWN | | Mar 10, 2016

Many of my astute friends make fun of anyone who is stupid enough to even vote.

Why Vote?

Why Vote?

I think their reasoning goes something like this:

  • Why vote when your vote doesn’t count
  • Voter fraud
  • Public manipulation
  • Pre-selected candidates by the party structure: you have no real choice
  • They select and then you choose from their rigged selection
  • Manipulation of the nomination process
  • Manipulation by the press
  • Why vote when by voting you are giving credibility to a corrupt system.
  • Voting is like voting on whose house to burn down.

These are all good reasons not to vote, and so they conclude those who vote are just being bamboozled by the entrenched system, ergo they are stupid.

It’s really hard to argue against their analysis based on history. While the DNC and RNC differ around the edges on divisive issues used to engender support, they are substantially the same on many important issues: More spending, more government, more corruption, more wars, etc. At the same time candidate’s promises are broken on a systemic and regular basis. One side will blame the other for this or that, but if you do a detailed analysis, you will find that both sides are colluding behind closed doors to offer each other cover. Texas Senator John Cornyn is a good example. He put on his boots and cowboy hat and campaigned telling Texas that he was against ObamaCare and would make sure it was repealed. Later we find out through a sneaky cloture vote he in effect voted to fully fund ObamaCare. This cloture vote gave him the cover he needed to maintain to the public that he was against ObamaCare, yet the effect of his vote was to fully fund Obamacare. This sort of thing goes on all the time on both sides and is prearranged out of site of the voters and they know no difference. The Republicans said that they needed the congress to stop Obama. We gave them the congress in 2010 to stop Obama’s unconstitutional usurpation of our rights and our constitution; only to watch them give in to Obama’s slightest whim or desire. Rubio, once the Tea Party darling turned on them once in office and did the exact opposite of what he promised on immigration. Rubio is not the only one.

So each election year is like a grand football game or the super bowl where we get to root for our team Red or Blue. We ignore faults of our team and accentuate the faults of the opposing team; and to make this dance really sad, most of these inflammatory faults are completely irrelevant; provided, du jour, by our master-manipulators in the media and political think tanks. Surly they laugh at us!

American Politics basically boils down to whose lies you like better…do you like the Democrat lies…or, do you like the Republican lies? Once you take sides, you turn your brain off and start yelling at each other until one side gets tired. After a short rest the cycle starts all over. Meanwhile, whilst you are busy passing your time with this popular American sport, your masters in D.C. are taking everything you own. This is the game.

And then along comes Trump. Is he another Marco Rubio or a Mitt Romney or is he different? We shall see.


Financing the Head-Choppers

by DAVID BROWN | | Mar 28, 2016


The White Side of the Daesh Coin: House of Saud

Now, to be fair, not all Muslims want to chop your head off or rape your five year old daughter. I have known and continue to know many Muslims that are excellent, upstanding citizens and good friends. What we are witnessing however is the spread of Black Daesh (via the White Daesh), Wahhabism and of course Sharia. So, where does this come from? Mostly from our good pals in Saudi Arabia. How so? Whelp, these head-choppers in Saudi Arabia have built thousands of their madrassahs all across the Western world with our oil money. These madrassahs spread this virulent form of Islam en masse. Our actions in MENA (Middle East, North Africa) have also contributed. How many of these countries have we destroyed so far? I’ve lost count.

Documented Fact: The USA has funded, trained and armed al-Qaeda and ISIS. The USA also supports and protects the major progenitor of this violence, Saudi Arabia. We also know that Muslims, Jews and Christians have lived and worked side by side in relative peace in Syria for over 200 years until the USA decided they wanted to impose regime change and get rid of Assad. Why? Because the House of Saud did not like Assad, and because Assad wanted to build a pipeline that would supply the Western European market which would have cut in on Saudi Arabia’s profits. There is much more to this story, but we, the USA, need to own our role. Where do you think all the Christians in Syria came from that ISIS murdered? They were protected by Assad until the USA unleashed its proxy army called ISIS on Syria. So the reality is that the USA –a Christian nation by tradition–is funding, arming and training those who are killing Christians. We should be asking why.


Misc thoughts on religion

by DAVID BROWN | | Mar 28, 2016

David Brown

David Brown

In full disclosure, I was born and raised a Christian and am a Christian today. I do however have a brain and have a background based on personal experience in many different denominations, religions and philosophies.

Depending on whose numbers you use, there are between 20,000 and 40,000 different Christian denominations. It is remarkable that all claim to base their religion on the reading of the same book. Though born and raised a Baptist, I have spent most of my life in many diverse denominations and found it curious that one would condemn the drinking of alcohol while another would use alcohol as part of Holy Communion (Eucharist). Some would baptize via sprinkling while others full-immersion. Some believe in the elect and predetermination while others believe in free agency. Some would allow singing but no musical instruments, others would not permit coed swimming or dancing and so it goes. All this from one book?

I use to enjoy torturing some of these people by turning their own words against them using exegesis and then watching them flop around with the logic bomb I just released. This was not done as a cruel joke, but rather an opportunity for them to think and grow out of their self-imposed rut. I have also censored many of my comments like there were two major edits of the KJV of the Bible and over 600 books entirely left out of the version they are reading.

But based on the diversity of belief systems we discover in the wild, it occurred to me that perhaps we each read a lengthy book like the Bible and then we each find something of ourselves within this book. We find our loves, our fears and our hatreds –and of course being flawed humans– accentuate and embellish those things we find that stimulate a particular emotional charge that makes each of us unique. In effect the Bible can reveal to us our biases and our prejudices and we are then turned over to our own strong delusions to create our own man-made religion. So in a sense our reading of the Bible can be like looking into a mirror of Erised. So how do we avoid the mirror of Erised effect? Firstly, we must be willing to gore our own ox in the pursuit of truth; and secondly, we must be lovers of the truth. In short, we must have a pure heart. Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God. (God = Truth = Light = Love). More on this topic in the link below…

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Is Ted Cruz a Globalist tool or not? You decide…

by DAVID BROWN | | Mar 28, 2016

Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz

Neil Bush (Globalist), Jeb’s brother, joined Ted Cruz’s finance team on March 8th.

Jeb Bush (Globalist) endorses Ted Cruz for Republican nomination March 22nd

Cruz’s wife Heidi was a member of the Globalist CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) and helped the CFR craft the document espousing the Globalist North American unity. However, in a campaign event in Tyler, Texas, in 2011, Cruz called CFR “a pernicious nest of snakes” that is “working to undermine our sovereignty.” This BTW is a very true statement that applies to all Globalists including the Bush family and Goldman Sachs.

In the 2007 bestselling book “The Late Great USA: The Coming Merger with Mexico and Canada,” Robert Pastor (CFR), who served as co-chairman of the committee which Hedi served, was called “the father of the North American Union” for the influence the CFR report had on the summit meeting between the heads of state of the U.S., Mexico and Canada.

Heidi served in the Bush White House, under Condoleezza Rice, as economic director for the Western Hemisphere at the National Security Council. She had previously served as the director of the Latin America office at the U.S. Treasury Department and as an assistant to Ambassador Robert B. Zoellick (Globalist), U.S. trade representative; an American banker who was the eleventh president of the World Bank.

Ted Cruz first supported Fast Track which would allow Obama (Globalist) to bypass the constitutional treaty approval requirement of 2/3rd senate vote. He even wrote an op-ed supporting this: “We strongly urge our colleagues in Congress to vote for trade-promotion authority,” Cruz stated, along with co-author Rep. Paul Ryan (Globalist), R-Wis., in a Wall Street Journal (Globalist) op-ed on April 21.

This Trade Promotion Authority, also called fast-track would allow this treaty now called an agreement to be negotiated in secret by Obama, dumped on the Senate floor with no time to read, debate or change, and passed with a simple up or down vote of only 51% to pass not the 2/3rds required by the US Constitution. This TPP treaty BTW would end US Sovereignty and place this country and our constitution under the control of international corporations (Globalism). Next, Cruz does a 180 on this decision… “Cruz’s criticism of fast-track comes as a surprise, considering his public praise of the bill only two months prior.”

Where was Ted Cruz on the Audit the Fed vote? Answer: Missing in Action, no where to be found. However, Ted had no such problem when it came to reauthorizing the 100% Unconstitutional Patriot Act.

Cruz also had large, unreported loans with Goldman Sachs (Globalist), one of the major promoters of globalism. His wife is an executive at Goldman Sachs.

Globalism 101 explained … This is the same scheme being cooked up with all these so called ‘Free Trade’ agreements: Labour Minister Tony Benn (shortly before his death) emotionally explains why he fought against the European Union all his life and why we should too.

European Union | Tony Benn | Oxford Union

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Cryptome Interview

by DAVID BROWN | | Mar 28, 2016

Cryptome | John Young

Rare and important interview with John Young and Deborah Natsios of by Pit Schultz. If you don’t know what Cryptome is, you need to find out. Beware, John pulls no punches. None. I’ve been using Cryptome since 1996 or thereabout. John contributes some important information most are not aware of in this interview by way of Snowden, Greenwald and the Intercept. It takes an astute observer to see though all the BS we are fed.

An Interview with John Young and Deborah Natsios of by Pit Schultz, during transmediale 2016 at Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin

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Killing the Innocent

by DAVID BROWN | | Jan 27, 2016

Lahore's Gulshan-i-Iqbal park

Lahore’s Gulshan-i-Iqbal park

As I read about the Suicide bomber who killed 72 –mostly women and kids– at a Pakistan park today, I also learn that the blast occurred next to the children’s swings, killing and maiming over 200 people. Footage shows the women and children screaming and crying in terror, with body parts strewn about… and I ask myself who can do such a thing and why?

It doesn’t take long to realize that murdering innocence is a long tradition for man. We have historical and current episodes of mass murders; some we justify, and some we condemn. So how are we –as rational, empathetic, moral human beings– to understand this? As a society and as individuals we generally agree that some murders are justifiable and others are not, but what are the criteria? We each have our own worked-out criteria that satisfies us to some extent to help us justify our actions and our judgments on other’s actions. Most would agree that self-defense is justifiable for most violent actions against another, yet even this clear line is not so clear if an entire population has been severely abused and denied justice. It is my experience that a man denied justice is a very angry man indeed, capable of almost anything. But this is not a complete picture since we have those among us who are not capable of any empathy or remorse despite the actions of others. This is a special case of psychopathy that may be genetic or learned. Others of us must learn to dehumanize our target/enemy so that we can live with the evil we have wrought. Even after our dehumanizing efforts, many suffer the remainder of their lives, realizing the truth of the evil they have done. Still others have been subject to deep brainwashing and mind control though repetition of memorized texts and training from an early age. There has been much study on this topic and much written and many experiments by our own CIA for example via the MKUltra project and others. These experiments done on our children by the CIA are bone chilling and disgusting. The goal here for our CIA is to gain control of others so that they can cause them to do things they otherwise would not do of course for ‘National Security’.

Still, to muddy the water even more, we have ended the lives of some 55 million of our most innocent ones by calling them dehumanizing terms like ‘fetus’ or ‘tissue’ and we call this mass murder a ‘medical procedure’ to further protect our conscience.

When we go to war, we call our fellows terms like “japs” “uncivilized” and “barbaric” “raghead” “insurgents”, “targets” or worse. We have many ways to justify mass murder. If we are at a remote facility directing a drone, we can kill entire populations at a wedding or a funeral using the term ‘collateral damage’ and our leader can even proclaim: “I’m really good at killing people” with a proud smile. Others in leadership positions can claim that killing over 500,000 children in Iraq was worth it even though our actions were illegal, unconstitutional and based on lies. We can bomb entire villages or cities with white phosphorus, without a tinge or remorse since we are having other professionals do our killing for us.

Still, I am left with a helpless feeling that someone could murder and maim so many beautiful and innocent children at a park in Pakistan with forethought and planning without any feelings of remorse.

MK-ULTRA, Monarch & Paperclip

Talk Radio KTRH 740 AM

by DAVID BROWN | | Mar 28, 2016



Talk radio KTRH 740 AM’s talent and employees all agree that Cruz is a saint and Trump is the devil. They have used their own group-think to work themselves up into a frothing mental lather of insanity and in the process turned KTRH into a Cruz echo-chamber. Their folks are constantly pumping Cruz and dissing Trump; and in the process, twisting themselves into unnatural mental pretzels. It is an amazing display of ignorance masquerading as truth and wisdom. All their talent: Michael Berry, Matt Patrick and Shara Fryer; even the weather-person and traffic man are getting in on the action. Add to this their paid programming: Mark Levin’s blind allegiance to Cruz and even Rush spent an hour defending Cruz; though Rush is much more circumspect, and you have a complete programming day designed to pump Cruz ad nauseam. The team at KTRH are amazingly monolithic in their politics. The lengths they will go to protect Cruz is very entertaining. For example, they are 100% positive that Cruz has never, ever cheated on his wife. How could they possibly know this? If it turns out that the National Enquirer is correct, they will all look more ignorant than they already do. How will they explain this to their loyal audience they have misled?