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Historical Revisionism and the Conspiratorial View of History

by DAVID BROWN | | December 23, 2017

Historical Revisionism and the Conspiratorial View of History

Though the ranks are thinning, there still exists today those who believe the official stories about the JFK assassination (40%) and the attacks on 9/11 (50%).

Despite great progress in rational, evidence-based discovery and the clear refutation of official false narratives promulgated by the US Government and its protectors surrounding JFK and 9/11, there is much less progress concerning other major historical events: great swaths of people still cling to many other historical myths too uncomfortable to question. Some of these myths are so dangerous 17 countries have found it necessary to fine or imprison any who may question official historical accounts. It seems certain areas of the historical record are off limits; so today’s history requires a law –in place of evidence– to protect questionable official assertions.

And to buttress our false history, logical fallacies are deployed; and the media and the education systems are joined together repeating these false accounts until they become truth by repetition. Questions are met with personal attacks: crazy, paranoid or the tried and true CIA weaponized term ‘Conspiracy Theory’ is dutifully deployed preventing any rational discussion of fact-based evidence.

Despite the great headway on these two high-profile topics (JFK & 9/11), there remain many more handicapped by the official stories of WWI, WWII, the Korean War, the Vietnam War and today’s War on Terrorism.

So how to provide the historically handicapped masses an ‘easy-ramp’ to discover the truth for themselves? For Vietnam, should we mention the Gulf of Tonkin attack that never happened; For WWII should we mention FDR had foreknowledge of the attack on Pearl Harbor? The official historical accounts of every major conflict in the 20th and 21st Centuries have been thoroughly disproved by sourced, documented evidence and require revision not based on crazy paranoid theories but based in fact. (Please see the Reece Committee report below.)

Tax-Free Foundations and The Reece Committee


Jerusalem, Israel’s capital?

by DAVID BROWN | | December 20, 2017

On the matter of Trump’s decision to acknowledge Jerusalem, as Israel’s capital …

Though our logic may be strong, much of what is known about Zionism, Christian Zionism, the Balfour Declaration of 1926 (its actual intention), the Roman Empire’s creation of Palestine, etc. may be based on false assumptions and so the conclusions are suspect.  This is not to say our personal perceptions or logic are wrong, only that the assumptions upon which our conclusions are based must be re-examined to get closer to the truth.  Without this re-examination, a new factual context cannot be built.

Presidents Carter, GW and Obama all promised to do what Trump plans to do, so their feigned upset is false.  Trump and the real controllers of our foreign policy (CFR, RIIA, BIS, Rand Corp, and other think tanks) knew this would inflame the passions in the ME, so this had to be a calculated event; but for what purpose? Many think this move is stupid –and of course Jared Kushner’s sophomoric understanding of ME geopolitics does not help— but Trump may be playing 3D chess, not 2D here… we shall see.  Past Trump fumbles have left Trump with a winning hand more than once because of smarts, luck, providence or possibly a combination.

To improve our understanding,  we must consider the Ottoman Empire, the fact there is no such thing as a Palestinian or Palestine without the defunct Roman Empire and many Christians like me have been duped into believing in Zionism by Rothschild and Untermeyer’s creation and massive distribution of the synthetic Scohfield Reference bible, upon which Christian Zionism is based. Untermeyer, an attorney, was instrumental in preparing the Federal Reserve Banking law in 1910, and the financing of Scofield’s Reference bible. Christians are unwilling to look at the facts and admit they and their preachers have been duped. The reasoning behind the Balfour Declaration was not intended to create the establishment in Palestine a national home for the Jewish people. The 2nd Baron Rothschild, Walter Rothschild and Lord Milner didn’t really care about the Jews or a home for the Jewish people, but rather to keep the ME divided.

Trump may be a true believer in the false history of this situation that has been promulgated in the public’s mind since 1926, but even so, Trump realizing the rift this will cause, must have other motives… I would hope because on the face of this, it just creates more anger and hatred toward the US.

Interesting perspective from DH:

Paraphrased by me from David Horowitz’s speech at USC 11/04/09:

“There is no occupation. They are colossal liars. That’s not Arab land, the Arabs have not controlled the land on which Israel exist for a 1000 years. For 400 years from the 16th century until 1920 that land was controlled by the Turks who are not Arabs… though they are Muslims. Turkey lost that, it was the Ottoman Empire. They lost it because they sided with the Germans during the First World War and according to the laws of war to the victor go the spoils and the French and the English carved it up. So they say that Israel is a colonial. Iraq, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, they were all created out of the Ottoman Empire by the British and French imperialists.

There was a Palestine mandate. Where does the word Palestine come from? Philistine. It’s not an Arab word even. The Romans gave it when they destroyed the Jews. Some Jews had a very bad idea in 66 AD to go up against the Roman Empire… they were slaughtered a million were killed, and were dispersed, and the Romans wanting to stick it to them gave their homeland which is the west bank. Judea and Samaria…that’s the homeland of the Jews. They [The Roman Empire] gave it the name of the Jew’s enemies the Philistines. The Philistines were Greek Sailors. That’s where Palestine comes from.

So you can see that the “occupation” is a complete fiction propagated by our uneducated news media and the Arab world. What is true is that there is a Nazi crusade to eliminate all non-Muslim people from the Middle East. That’s why there’s no peace in the Middle East.”

How the Christians have been duped: Christian Zionism

It’s time for Christians to understand their desire for re-establishment of a Jewish homeland in the territory defined as the historic Land of Israel is not biblical, but rather an orchestrated plan by Rothschild and Untermeyer, an attorney, who was instrumental in preparing the Federal Reserve Banking law in 1910, and the financing of Scofield’s Reference bible. Yes, you have been had. Be man enough to admit it once you have been presented with the facts below…

Unlike many in the MSM, I don’t think Trump is looking for more power and money, but I do believe he is a nationalist looking after what he believes is the best interest of America. This is either a colossal blunder or there are motives and plans of which I’m not aware. It is important to realize that Trump is not in complete control of the CIA/NSA/DOJ or the State Department so he is having to work within this framework which may make things he does appear stupid or incoherent. Trump is good at setting up traps for others to walk into. Certainly Trump has no influence over the real decision makers: 1) Chatham House, the Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA) or 2) Pratt House, Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) or 3) Bank for International Settlements (BIS)

The powers that shouldn’t be are looking for a war with Iran so this might be a prelude for this war. This would bring in Russia and China.

The Trump Method?

by DAVID BROWN | | December 19, 2017

Do I detect a pattern here, or am I dreaming?

Seems like Trump’s technique is as follows:

1) First off, he is fully aware of the game going on around him, but pretends he has no clue
2) This gives his adversaries a false sense of confidence and perceived advantage
3) He then trolls these adversaries shifting them up a notch emotionally
4) He also drops ambiguous clues only an insider would have, creating uncertainty and low level panic in his heretofore confident adversaries
5) This ramps up the emotions another notch
6) In this confused and emotional state, his adversaries make a hasty move making easy to discover mistakes in the process
7) Trump points nonchalantly to their easily discoverable and easy to understand error and lets others expose his adversaries’ villainy
8) Benefit: Trump advances one square, letting others finish off what he has teed up.

If this is true, it is possible that the Trump plan was to let the DNC commit their usual crimes stealing the Alabama vote, while the DOJ and others were watching closely setting up traps for these clueless criminals.

If this scenario plays out, this is more evidence Trump is playing the game at a higher level than most assume.

On the matter of Christmas …

by DAVID BROWN | | December 19, 2017

We have a lot to be thankful for this Christmas. Back in March of 2014, the love of my life and the mother of my children broke her neck in a car wreck, so that Christmas Amy was wearing a Halo after extensive neck surgery. Amy was one of the lucky 3% because 97% of the people with her type of injury are paraplegic or dead. Today, Amy is both alive and healthy; and doing very well thanks to the expert medical care she received.

Now Christmas means many things to many people. For some it’s about Christ and Christ only. Yet for many, it represents a time for family and gift openings, and watching the bright happy faces of their children; and for others, a lonely time that can only be filled with long-past memories of happier times … of children’s laughter and loved ones no longer at our side. For many it represents a lot of unnecessary work, effort and expense getting all the decorations up, gifts bought, fighting crowds and the resultant debt that follows. For others, it represents the commercialism of a sacred holiday where big businesses are trying to sell stuff we don’t need. For many retailers, Christmas brings their books from the red into the black; without which they couldn’t survive the other 11 months of the year. Still others see it as a big lie and a falsehood, an evil trick played upon naive children; and wish that as adults we should all come clean and be honest with our children to build their trust. Some see its history as a pagan holiday; having nothing at all to do with Christ, while others feign offense.

But for me, I love Christmas and the mythology that surrounds it … and I probably always will. Why? Because I have an entire childhood filled with wonderful feelings and memories about Christmas. In the interest of full disclosure– I was raised in a Christian home as a Christian and continue to this day a Christian; but for me, Christmas represented a special time of the year of bright lights, music, Christmas trees, stockings and presents and excitement, and oh did I love my childhood presents! Though my parents were of modest means, I almost always got exactly what I wanted from a 4-wheel drive ‘Mighty Might’, to real bow and arrow set, I have great memories. I had disappointments too. One year, I asked for a horse and I got one, but it was a rocking horse. My mother still has that old B&W photo of me on this rocking horse. In my disappointment, I told my mother that I wanted a “WEAL Horsy”. Years later I got my wish.

Now that I am an old fart and no longer a child, I enjoy Christmas even more. Because now I get to peer into the faces of my innocent grandchildren, as I once peered into my own children’s faces, and I see the joy and the happiness and anticipation on their faces; and magically I am transported back to my childhood.

Will our children discover there is no Santa Claus at some point? Yes they will. Will they be disappointed? Yes they will. Will they feel betrayed by those they should be able to trust the most? Perhaps, but give them time, and maybe they will realize the real meaning of Christmas as I did: that there are some profound gifts to be had in this mythology. The myth of Christmas has its roots in the love parents have for their children. It’s a ‘play-pretend’. It’s an event … it’s how we’d like things to be. It is –in the words of Joseph Campbell– an archetype deeply seated in the collective unconscious. It really doesn’t matter if you are Christian or not; or even if you are a bitter/happy atheist, we all share the same fundamental mental and physical makeup.

Most people believe that myths are just stories that are not true; some think a myth is a lie, but this is not true. Myths are a way of communicating powerful messages that bypass the critical mind. A myth is like throwing a message in a bottle past the conscious mind secured firmly into the subconscious, forever there to reside. These memories are what childhood is made of and provides our strength as we face our challenges through the bumpy road of adulthood. These important messages –these myths—are the message of love. The message is hope and the message is belief.  Peace on Earth, Good Will Toward men.

-David Brown