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World War II – A Necessary Re-Evaluation

by DAVID BROWN | | June 04, 2017

With the aid of the internet and the great research provided by Quigley, Sutton and Perloff, the real history of WWII can now be told, and it does make a difference.

Feb 13, 1945: Firebombing of Dresden

Over the years, I’ve been asked for my take on World War II many times. I’ve mostly avoided this topic only giving hints at my perspective (warning that it’s not what it appears) until I had time to properly sequence the events in light of the new information I had learned from reading the well-researched and documented writings of Quigley, Sutton and Perloff.   So in lieu of my reasoned opinion based on the more recent and accurate context provided by the three gentlemen above, I offer up two interviews and discussions between Tim Kelly and James Perloff and Tim Kelly and Joe Atwill (below).  To supplement this, consider reading the following relatively short books:

The Anglo-American Establishment by Carroll Quigley

And Antony C. Sutton’s trilogy:

  1. Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution: The Remarkable True Story of the American Capitalists Who Financed the Russian Communists.
  2. Wall Street and FDR
  3. Wall Street & the Rise of Hitler
  4. And watching James’ excellent lecture (found on YouTube) entitled ‘The Shadows of Power; the CFR and decline of America

You can also find James Perloff’s book on this same topic entitled ‘The Shadows of Power: The Council on Foreign Relations and the American Decline

To round-out your understanding of World War II, it is highly desirable –once you have read the above—to read Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf‘ to get a complete view of the context. You will discover what you have been told by the American education system and the corporate media is a total and complete fabrication. The only way to defeat our masters is to defeat the mythology they have placed in our heads.

James Perloff on the Myths of the “Good War”

Published on Jun 3, 2017
James Perloff returns to Our Interesting Times with Tim Kelly to discuss his presentation on the Second World War. We talk about several myths of the “Good War” and why a revisionist interpretation of that event is long overdue and necessary to avoid another global conflagration.

James is the author of several books including Shadows of Power and Truth is a Lonely Warrior. His website is

Powers & Principalities Episode 30 (Published on Dec 15, 2017)
The Real Winston Churchill by Tim Kelly and Joe Atwill

Tim Kelly interviews Germar Rudolf on the Holocaust (Published on Feb 25, 2017)
Germar Rudolf joins the show to discuss his research regarding the Holocaust and share his experience as a revisionist researcher, writer and lecturer

False flags do not stand alone. They are better understood – and more credibly explained to skeptics – when seen in history’s context.

Guido Preparata on Conjuring Hitler by Tim Kelly (published July 1, 2017; Length – 1:50:28)

George Webb – Where is Eric Braverman?

by DAVID BROWN | | Jan 22, 2017

Who is George Webb?   I could not find George on Wikipedia or on Linkedin, but he has his own YouTube Channel, Facebook account and Google Plus account with 144 followers.  He Joined YouTube Aug 2, 2007, has 12,046 subscribers and 1,013,140 views as of today’s date.

George Webb:

“I am not a journalist by training.  I actually sold web software most of my career.  But I publish my slides with citations at the bottom.  NYT Pulitzer Prize first, then NYT, then WaPo, LA Times, Tribe Seattle PI, then alternate media.”

Currently, George is producing several YouTube videos per day with the theme ‘Where is Eric Braverman‘.  Eric Braverman teaches at Yale and was CEO of the Clinton Foundation.  Eric quit the Clinton Foundation suddenly in January of 2015 and seemed to just vanish.  There are no missing persons reports filed on Eric and apparently there is no response from his husband, Neil Brown.   A Russian blogger reported that Eric Braverman requested asylum with the Russian embassy on October 23.

To make matters even curiouser, not only is Eric Braverman missing so is Neil Brown, and arms dealer Marc Turi, all connected to the Clinton Foundation.

I watched several of George Webb’s videos and I have yet to observe anything that I would consider a fabrication or totally false; in fact, most of what I have seen and heard comports well with the small amount of research I have personally conducted on the Podesta leaked emails and the Clinton Foundation.  Not only that, George seems to be connecting many dots in this massive story of the Clinton Foundation, the FBI, CIA, child sex trafficking, arms dealing, murder, organ harvesting, vaccine testing, pipelines, oil, gold, regime change and more.

George uses an open sourced storyboard method to communicate with his audience and claims to be only a stenographer pulling the bits and pieces of the story together with the help of volunteers who submit documented information.  James Corbett of the Corbett Report has used a similar open source method in the past to great effect.  Richard Grove of Tragedy and Hope Communications uses a software product called The Brian to help organizing the vast open sourced information he and his team have collected.  George however uses Trello software to organize his storyboard and opens it up to those who wish to contribute by sending him an email.

In any event George Webb’s videos are fascinating and well worth the view.  I’ve included some links below to get you started if you are interested.   If Trump truly intends on draining the swamp, I can’t think of a better place to start than with the great work that George Webb is currently putting together.

The Crimes of the Clinton Foundation – Conversation with George Webb (full show) Jan 6th 2017

George Webb on the Clinton Foundation and the Globalist Criminal Network
Published on Jan 22, 2017. George Webb joins Our Interesting Times to discuss his video series that investigates the intrigues and scandals surrounding the Clinton Foundation. We talk about how George’s open source investigation has exposed a criminal network of high-level government officials and corporations that has been fomenting crises and manufacturing wars for many years.

Using Trello to Map DynCorp Contracts and Abuses

Below, you will find George Webb’s videos from day 93 (01/24/2017).  If you want to catch up, you might consider going back to day 60 and watching forward.  Most are very short videos of 3 to 5 per day.  The prior titles included the phrase ‘Where is Eric Braverman’.  His new title has morphed into ‘Braverman, Haiti, and Me – Who Killed Monica Petersen’.

Day 93 – Braverman, Haiti, and Me, Part 1, Who Killed Monica Petersen?

Day 93 – Braverman, Haiti, and Me, Part 2 Who Killed Monica Petersen?

Day 93 – Braverman, Haiti, and Me, Part 3, Who Killed Monica Petersen?