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Is T0r Safe?

by DAVID BROWN | | November 13, 2014

Is Tor Safe?

Tor: Onion routing

folks, I’ve used T0r a few times in the past just to check it out but I still have my reservations for using, even if it hadn’t been compromised (see link below). If you use T0r, then law officials automatically think you are doing something illegal; so this in and of itself, is a red flag. Also, T0r does not protect you at the entry point or the exit point of the onion routing scheme. Add to this, there are a lot of illegal activities going on within T0r, so you are rubbing up to and might be associating with criminal activity and thus get caught in an investigation by association; and in today’s world of criminal justice, you are more likely to have to prove your innocence to the state than the state prove your guilt. Based on this, I see T0r as a great idea –even if it was developed by the same state that seeks to compromise it—but I think there are way too many issues to use it or trust it. Bottom line in my opinion, there is no assurance of security or privacy on the net period; and if you assume you are safe, you do so at your own peril. So with this in mind, my basic theory is never do anything on line that you wouldn’t want published on the front page of Drudge or the NYT. This is unfortunate, but a reality. It is unfortunate because I believe that big part of being a free person is the expectation of privacy in our homes and in our online activities. Without privacy, free speech is attenuated, muted and restricted. This unfortunate condition we find our freedom in today represents just another example of the slow and steady creep of the state to subsume all individual rights and to eliminate any perceived threat to its power. The end point of this progression can only end with total control and ownership of the individual by the state and this is not a pretty picture. The individual rights the state takes are always under the guise of protecting you but don’t be their fool; the real purpose is to grow the scope, reach and power of the state over the individual.

Is Tor Safe? Anonymous Browser Hacked, With Suspects Keeping Quiet And Privacy Advocates Shaken

Exclusively Relying on Tor Risks |Detection and Exposure for Whistleblowers
By: Michael Best

Warning: Over 100 Tor Nodes Found Designed to Spy On Deep Web Users
Tuesday, July 26, 2016 by Swati Khandelwal

The Story of TØr

Thanks to Pearse Redmond for a great podcast and a most fascinating story exposing the intricate web of money and people behind the T0r project, the EFF, Snowden, etc. a real eye popper. Much of this I knew and much I had no clue. We’ve all heard the old adage to ‘follow the money’ . . . well this can’t be any truer than with this story. There is much, much more to this story that was omitted like Pierre Omidyar and Soros helping fund the CIA activities in Ukraine. Yes, indeed the rabbit hole goes very deep my dear –by now, not so innocent– Alice.


Warning: Over 100 Tor Nodes Found Designed to Spy On Deep Web Users
Tuesday, July 26, 2016 by Swati Khandelwal