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NEWSLETTER: (temporarily halted)

NOTE:  I originally composed and sent the ClearNFO Newsletter via Yahoo and Gmail, but quickly hit their limits for mass mail-outs.  I then moved to a paid service that used a WordPress plug in, but that was slow, error prone and inefficient, so I stopped this service after a year.  Since that time, my subscriber list has grown considerably to the point that my current cost would be about $90/mo in addition to my other costs.  Since this site is totally free and not for profit, I can’t justify spending this amount of money right now. Until I can find a good, reliable service that is also more reasonably priced, I have no choice but to stop sending out the ClearNFO Newsletter temporarily.   I will continue to research this and hopefully start sending out fresh, new newsletters soon.  So until that time, please continue to register so that you will be all set when I come up with a reasonably priced solution.

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