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Turkey Update (03/29/15)

by DAVID BROWN | CLEARNFO.com | March 29, 2015

US General Recommends ”Shielding” Terrorists In Syria  Clearly, Syria will not be able to withstand attack after attack by Western-backed jihadists without defending itself simply because of American agreements to “shield” their terrorist proxies. On the other hand, if Syria defends itself against the jihadists and subsequently against the US forces protecting them, it will risk bringing the US into direct combat against the SAA and providing the imperialists with the justification for larger-scale military action.

US/Turkey Sign Deal to Arm Death Squads in Syria …while the UN Calls for Assad Gov’t Ceasefire Against Death Squads

2,000 Syrian rebels to be trained in Turkey   “At the moment, the PYD is equal with the PKK for us. It is also a terrorist organization. It would be very wrong for America – with whom we are allies and are together with in NATO – to expect us to say ‘yes’ after openly announcing such support for a terrorist organization. It cannot expect such a thing from us and we cannot say ‘yes’ to such a thing either,” President Recep Tayyip Erdogan told reporters on board of a plane returning from Kabul to Istanbul, state-run Anadolu Agency reported on Oct. 19.

Turkey, US sign deal to train, equip Syria rebels   “Turkey and the United States signed a document a short time ago on the train-and-equip (programme),” Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu told reporters.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan told the Hurriyet daily on Sunday that he no longer enjoyed good relations with US President Barack Obama, in part over their differences on how to respond to the conflict in Syria.

Benghazi Deception

stevensGood, fact-based reporting by Jerome R. Corsi  in the article linked just below.  We’re inching slowly toward the truth, but the truth is yet to be told. Missing pieces: Why was the stand-down ordered after the embassy was attacked? Why did the so called rebels who attacked the embassy yell “Morsi sent us!” Morsi like Obama’s half brother Malik Obama is part of the Muslim Brotherhood. Morsi was installed by the US and the MB as a result of the US-backed MB coup in Egypt only to be deposed by Egypt two months later. The truth is that Christopher Stephens knew too much about the state department and the illegal arms shipments and had to be eliminated. The truth is that these illegal shipments of arms came directly from a CIA cut-out company here in the US. Shipped to Benghazi => Turkey => Syria to be used against Syria’s Assad. The US has been, and continues to use ISIS (aka Al-Qaeda) as a US proxy force to destabilize countries in this region.

Admiral: U.S. could have ousted Gadhafi peacefully by Jerome R. Corsi
Malik Obama Mohammed Morsi Christopher StevensHillary What does it matter


Psychopath, Hillary Rodham Clinton Celebrating the death of Gadhafi (above)

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CIA Whistleblower faces the ire of an angry Justice Department over Benghazi questions

Background – Russia and Turkey’s Pipeline Deal

Important article by Joaquin Flores …

Russia Turkey gas pipeline Jan 2015

Russia and Turkey’s Gas Pipeline Deal: Implications for the European Union

Some helpful definitions below  …

TEP: Third Energy Package

OMV is an integrated international oil and gas company, headquartered in Vienna. Its main businesses are exploration and production of oil and gas, natural gas distribution and power generation, and refining and marketing oil

Alexei Miller
Alexey Borisovich Miller is Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chairman of the Management Committee of Russian energy company Gazprom, Russia’s largest company and the world’s biggest natural gas producer.

Nabucco project
The Nabucco-West pipeline (also referred to as the Turkey–Austria gas pipeline) is a proposed natural gas pipeline from the Turkish-Bulgarian border to Austria. It is a modification of the original Nabucco Pipeline project, which was to run from Erzurum in Turkey to Baumgarten an der March in Austria. The aim of the Nabucco pipeline is to diversify the natural gas suppliers and delivery routes for Europe, thus reducing European dependence on Russian energy. The original project was backed by several European Union member states and by the United States, and was seen as a rival to the South Stream pipeline project. The main supplier was expected to be Iraq, with potential supplies from Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, and Egypt.[1] The main supply for the Nabucco West was to be Shah Deniz gas through the proposed Trans-Anatolian gas pipeline (TANAP).

Shah Deniz energy consortium
The Shah Deniz consortium announced today that 25-year sales agreements have been concluded for just over 10 billion cubic metres a year (BCMA) of gas to be produced from the Shah Deniz field in Azerbaijan as a result of the development of Stage 2 of the Shah Deniz project. Nine companies will purchase this gas in Italy, Greece and Bulgaria.

The Shah Deniz Stage 2 project is set to bring gas directly from Azerbaijan to Europe for the first time, opening up the Southern Gas Corridor.

Countries and regions located in the Levant region (Cyprus, Hatay, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, and Syria)
Countries and regions sometimes included in the Levant region (Iraq and Sinai)
Entire territory of countries whose regions are included in the Levant region (Egypt and Turkey)

Atlanticism is a belief in the importance of cooperation between Europe and the United States and Canada regarding political, economic, and defense issues, with the purpose of maintaining the security and prosperity of the participating countries, and to protect the values that unite them.

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Russia and Turkey’s Gas Deal can Save Europe and the World