The Trump Method?

by DAVID BROWN | | December 19, 2017

Do I detect a pattern here, or am I dreaming?

Seems like Trump’s technique is as follows:

1) First off, he is fully aware of the game going on around him, but pretends he has no clue
2) This gives his adversaries a false sense of confidence and perceived advantage
3) He then trolls these adversaries shifting them up a notch emotionally
4) He also drops ambiguous clues only an insider would have, creating uncertainty and low level panic in his heretofore confident adversaries
5) This ramps up the emotions another notch
6) In this confused and emotional state, his adversaries make a hasty move making easy to discover mistakes in the process
7) Trump points nonchalantly to their easily discoverable and easy to understand error and lets others expose his adversaries’ villainy
8) Benefit: Trump advances one square, letting others finish off what he has teed up.

If this is true, it is possible that the Trump plan was to let the DNC commit their usual crimes stealing the Alabama vote, while the DOJ and others were watching closely setting up traps for these clueless criminals.

If this scenario plays out, this is more evidence Trump is playing the game at a higher level than most assume.

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