Truth & Justice have no play here

by DAVID BROWN | | November 22, 2014

How can you be for something and against that thing at the same time?  Well, that’s the predicament in which I find myself on the matter of capital punishment or the death penalty. Yes, I’m for capital punishment for certain crimes, but they must be proven without a shadow of a doubt; and therein is the rub where I am concerned.  To put it simply, our courts are not fair and do justice-147214_150not dispense justice equally. In fact, if the truth were known in the general public, most criminal cases are a fraud since most are plea bargained to a lesser crime –which in some cases was not even committed– all for expediency and surety of a conviction, not for justice or the determination of truth. If you doubt this, just read the excellent and well-documented book by Paul Craig Roberts entitled ‘The Tyranny of Good Intentions’. Add to this evidence, the work done by ‘The Innocence Project’ whereby DNA evidence has cleared falsely imprisoned people across the nation based on proof; not on the conviction machinery we call our justice system. The rates of false conviction are amazing. And from my personal experience, I have been in civil court no fewer than 25 times and have witnessed up close and personal the role politics and money play. Truth is rarely a consideration in my opinion. So given this knowledge, yes I am for the death penalty for certain crimes, but I have no trust that our current court system is capable of dispensing truth or justice.

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