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Who’s the Boss, pt. 2

by DAVID BROWN | CLEARNFO.com | May 01, 2017

Who’s the boss? (pt. 2)

Bilderberg, Trilateral, Davos… Oh my!

These are the technocrats: the Bilderbergers, the Trilateralists and the Davos groupies. This small group of men are the well-paid techno-servants of the ruling elite; constructing a superstructure of control, aided by the great advancements in all the sciences, including the well-honed science of today’s mass psychology Bertrand Russell could only dream of.   These new technical facilities provide man’s natural predators unprecedented control that threatens to remove man’s freewill forever.  But these technocrats are not the final boss. If we follow the Quigley Formula –after the Milner Group effectively disappeared– there are rings within rings yet to be discovered. The big question is who is in the inner circle of what Quigley called the Milner Group? Obviously Kissinger is a made-man, but a Boss? I think not. The Rothschild family and Rockefellers are candidates but that is too easy.  And though everyone believes they know who occupies the inner circle; and there is always much debate on this point; it is a fact, there is much we do not know about the inner workings of the innermost ring. I suspect after the failure of the Milner Group, there is new, fresh blood afoot yet to be identified … and it has nothing to do with the Illuminati, Freemasons, Jews or any other popular scapegoat.

Though our current batch –and those before them– have stolen ideas from these other groups, today’s predators are likely not a believing member of any group but their own.  We know only what they let us know, and that which seeps through the cracks is mitigated though false histories and mass psychology.  We can, however, see them by the wake they leave as they rush to stamp their boot on man’s face — forever.   According to David Rothkopf in his book on the Superclass there are approximately 6,000 of these technocrats worldwide who –in my opinion–would be in Milner’s kindergarten, not sitting next to Milner or his cohorts directing the show.

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Note: Thanks to Zeta Fibonacci for the Bilderberg, Trilateral, Davos graphic.

Davos (2015)

davosAre you excited? Davos starts tomorrow. It is not just a town, but an event.  Anyone who is anyone will be in attendance. It’s where the SUPERCLASS go to wheel and deal and of course party. You can bet that David Rothkopf will be there! Here you will find many puffed egos and self-appointed masters of the universe, most of whom know they are your betters. Were you invited to Davos this year? Well, neither was I.   Just in case you get lost, Davos is just down the road a bit from Basel, Switzerland home of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) and the Financial Stability Board (FSB).   The venue of the 2015 annual meeting of the World Economic Forum is of course Davos, Switzerland where more than 2,500 leaders from government, business and society will gather for the 45th annual conference Jan. 21-24.

David Rothkopf wrote a tell-all book about the SUPERCLASS. Only one problem, he kept tripping over his own ego. As one book reviewer noted:

“This book takes a LOT of time to say very little. In summary, here’s what the author takes several hundred pages to tell us:

a) The world is ruled by an informal group of about 6,000 people;
b) I [the author] am one of them! Aren’t I special?
c) I know who the others are—but I’m not going to tell you!
d) They all get together once each year in Davos;
e) Davos is quaint, and has good restaurants, but inadequate lodging; and,
f) Oh, did I forget to tell you? I’M one of the Davos world elite! I AM special!”

Yes, money and status remove even the most intelligent –like Mr. Rothkopf– from their earthly constraints of humility and gratitude, elevating them to the rarefied air breathed only by the select few of yes, the ‘SUPERCLASS’ and that ain’t you bro.

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