Media: Information Gatekeepers?

It is important to realize that the role of the media is to act as the gatekeepers; to provide the basic building blocks of our collective reality, thus providing us the illusion of freedom by allowing the public debate on how to organize these blocks, but sadly most of us never, ever look at the blocks themselves to discover their construction.

The blocks are created and promulgated by a system designed by the ‘elites’ or whatever name you want to give them. The names change and the people die but the system they have created continues. If we only take in officially approved information, we will never discover the truth of who controls the blocks that we have come to accept as ‘well established fact’. All the real data remains in plain view but we remain oblivious, since our unexamined assumptions prohibit questions of first principles. So how do we replace false data with real data?  It takes some time and effort to dig it out. The elites have almost always been very clear about their intentions in their own writings.  The documentation is there for all to see, if you have the time, energy and access to do the fundamental research. This is not a theory, but a fact.  What does it mean to you if you discover that the assassination of an American president and the 9/11 attacks were inside jobs followed by government coverups … all accomplished in broad daylight for all to see?  Our assumptions will not allow us to question the official narrative which is backed up by the official media and their ‘talking-heads’ and the official education system.  Likewise the government murdering Ambassador Christopher Stevens; or in  arming and financing of Al-Qaeda and ISIS in the Middle East; or the government financing of Neo-Nazis in Ukraine are not to be questioned.

For example, the CIA developed a clever and effective Psychological operation (PSYOP) after many started to doubt the official JFK assassination report. This is documented. The design and purpose of this PSYOP was to stop critical analysis of the facts. When someone uses the term ‘conspiracy theory’ any additional thought stops. You could call this a ‘thought-stopper’. It has worked rather well. If you want to discredit someone or to put them down to make them look stupid you just call them a conspiracy theorist and you are done.  Search the phrase ‘CIA invents Conspiracy Theorist’ and you will find ample documentation.

Most people cannot fathom the power that the ‘elites’ have or that they look upon you and me as useless eaters and breeders … even subhuman. That’s what the ability to call into creation trillions of dollars at the flick of a pen or click of a mouse will do to a mortal man’s ego. He believes he is innately better than all the rest of us and seeks to control us like domesticated livestock. It is well documented by Quigley, Antony C Sutton and others that the elites use and finance socialism, communism, or any ism that will collect and concentrate power: Mao, Stalin and Hitler are a few they have financed in the past.

Here in the USA, elites have used tax-exempt foundations to stash much of their massive wealth only to promulgate the illusion they are philanthropists, kind and generous; but in fact they direct and control where the money is spent tax-free and no one is the wiser.

Admittedly there are a many real kooks out there that will believe anything they see on the internet or in print, so you must thoroughly research history from more than the official narrative; remembering that the victor of war always writes the history that subsequent generations will see and study. Most of the best information comes from inside the inner circles of the elites themselves. A good primer would be Tragedy & Hope 101 by Joseph Plummer, or the Anglo-American Establishment by Carroll Quigley. In your journey to discover the real mechanisms of control, it is critical that you understand who Professor Carroll Quigley was and how he and others obtained their source documents revealing the men behind the curtain who control the illusions many believe as fact.

To help in this journey, I have created a partial reading list here.  Enjoy!

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