The Lone Gladio – Book Review

ClearNFO Rating: 5 / 5 Stars
The Lone Gladio a Novel by Sibel Edmonds (August 7, 2014)
Paperback: 366 pages
Sibel Edmonds’ first Novel
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The Lone GladioAfter reading Sibel Edmonds’ previous book –also reviewed here on ClearNFO– which was an excellent non-fiction entitled Classified Woman, and after watching her numerous interviews on the very real Operation Gladio, one must wonder how much of her first novel The Lone Gladio is fiction and how much is fact.  The details are obviously fiction, but very much of the rest is based in fact and on informed conjecture.   I must admit that I don’t read many novels, but since I was familiar with her excellent non-fiction work, I took the plunge and was not disappointed.  It took me a few chapters to get my sea-legs, but then I was hooked and finished the book in record time,  unable to put it down.  After her ferocious struggle with the government leading up to publishing her first book, I think the literary genre of the novel –which by definition is fiction– provides Ms. Edmonds a safer, easier and less constrained vehicle to communicate to her loyal audience, in an entertaining AND informative mode.  I can’t but help think The Lone Gladio is Ms Edmonds’ venue to say what she couldn’t say in ‘Classified Woman’.  One other note:  I bet Sibel’s husband, Matthew, was just a little bit surprised when he first read The Lone Gladio discovering possibly a new dimension to his lovely bride . . . or maybe not.  In any event, get the book, read the book and enjoy . . . just remember, that much of this is based on the real Gladio operatives deployed by the US and NATO across the globe.

If ‘The Lone Gladio’ is ever made into a movie, I know the perfect person to play Greg McPhearson . . .

Jim Caviezel, born 9-26-68, Mount Vernon, Washington.

Jim Caviezel, born 9-26-68, Mount Vernon, Washington.

From the back cover: “Assassinations. Drug running. False flag ops. A shadow paramilitary global network. Synthetic wars. CIA-NATO: A darker truth. Operation Gladio Plan B: Murder. OG 68—aka Greg McPhearson—no longer works for the company. The hunter has now become prey. He knows this beast: what created him and shattered his soul. Until Mai. When he opened the door to her three years ago, he opened what soul he had left. Yet he belatedly discovers that no amount of pride or power can ever replace one precious breath . . . When the CIA orders his FBI bosses to call off a sting, Special Agent Ryan Marcello decides to do some digging. He calls in senior analyst Elsie Simon, expert in the Turkey-Central Asian-Caucasus nexus, to help track down the high-level target with ties to ruthless power players in a global narcotics-terrorism ring. Every lead and each new suspect brings them that much closer to home. With Elsie’s help, and their lives at stake, the two begin their own investigation . . . The murdered son of a U.S. mogul leads to the hiring of Ryan and Elsie, who are used and then trapped in a byzantine scheme of retribution: of black ops within black ops, trails gone cold, kidnappings, blackmail, unexplained murders . . . a plot that extends from Russia and Azerbaijan to Cambodia, Vietnam, and is buried inside the Deep State. For his final mission, in a world where reality now stands on its head—My enemy’s enemy is my enemy”—no one would be spared . . . the Gladio would be acting alone.”

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