Russia’s Remarkable Renaissance (Engdahl)

EngdahlBrilliant analysis from F. William Engdahl author of ‘A Century of War: Anglo-American Oil Politics and the New World Order‘….  F. William Engdahl hits the nail squarely on the head with this insightful article on the current mood in the former Soviet Union.  As America moves toward increased tyranny and corruption, Russia is experiencing a rebirth of truth and pride in the face of struggle, based on a clear recognition of the current threat from Washington and the reconciliation of their past mistakes.  After the US coup in Ukraine, the Russian people see clearly Washington’s and its vassal states’ present geopolitical game, and have smartly chosen not to play.  Washington may have grossly underestimated the strength, the understanding  and intelligence of the Russian people who have had two revolutions stolen from them by the powers in Washington, D.C. that shouldn’t be: Once in 1917 after the 8 months of the provisional government wherein the Russian people –tired of tyranny– wanted a more libertarian structure, only to have it stolen by the manipulators of the Anglo-American Establishment; and now in the current era –after the fall of the Soviet Union– these same psychopathic, lecherous and criminal anti-human globalists are seeking to destroy any hope of freedom or prosperity for the Russian people and the world at large.  I wish the Russian people well and hope that this time they can throw off the shackles of the Anglo-American Establishment and its corrupt, rigged money system.

Russia’s Remarkable Renaissance
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