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Jerusalem, Israel’s capital?

by DAVID BROWN | CLEARNFO.com | December 20, 2017

On the matter of Trump’s decision to acknowledge Jerusalem, as Israel’s capital …

Though our logic may be strong, much of what is known about Zionism, Christian Zionism, the Balfour Declaration of 1926 (its actual intention), the Roman Empire’s creation of Palestine, etc. may be based on false assumptions and so the conclusions are suspect.  This is not to say our personal perceptions or logic are wrong, only that the assumptions upon which our conclusions are based must be re-examined to get closer to the truth.  Without this re-examination, a new factual context cannot be built.

Presidents Carter, GW and Obama all promised to do what Trump plans to do, so their feigned upset is false.  Trump and the real controllers of our foreign policy (CFR, RIIA, BIS, Rand Corp, and other think tanks) knew this would inflame the passions in the ME, so this had to be a calculated event; but for what purpose? Many think this move is stupid –and of course Jared Kushner’s sophomoric understanding of ME geopolitics does not help— but Trump may be playing 3D chess, not 2D here… we shall see.  Past Trump fumbles have left Trump with a winning hand more than once because of smarts, luck, providence or possibly a combination.

To improve our understanding,  we must consider the Ottoman Empire, the fact there is no such thing as a Palestinian or Palestine without the defunct Roman Empire and many Christians like me have been duped into believing in Zionism by Rothschild and Untermeyer’s creation and massive distribution of the synthetic Scohfield Reference bible, upon which Christian Zionism is based. Untermeyer, an attorney, was instrumental in preparing the Federal Reserve Banking law in 1910, and the financing of Scofield’s Reference bible. Christians are unwilling to look at the facts and admit they and their preachers have been duped. The reasoning behind the Balfour Declaration was not intended to create the establishment in Palestine a national home for the Jewish people. The 2nd Baron Rothschild, Walter Rothschild and Lord Milner didn’t really care about the Jews or a home for the Jewish people, but rather to keep the ME divided.

Trump may be a true believer in the false history of this situation that has been promulgated in the public’s mind since 1926, but even so, Trump realizing the rift this will cause, must have other motives… I would hope because on the face of this, it just creates more anger and hatred toward the US.

Interesting perspective from DH:

Paraphrased by me from David Horowitz’s speech at USC 11/04/09:

“There is no occupation. They are colossal liars. That’s not Arab land, the Arabs have not controlled the land on which Israel exist for a 1000 years. For 400 years from the 16th century until 1920 that land was controlled by the Turks who are not Arabs… though they are Muslims. Turkey lost that, it was the Ottoman Empire. They lost it because they sided with the Germans during the First World War and according to the laws of war to the victor go the spoils and the French and the English carved it up. So they say that Israel is a colonial. Iraq, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, they were all created out of the Ottoman Empire by the British and French imperialists.

There was a Palestine mandate. Where does the word Palestine come from? Philistine. It’s not an Arab word even. The Romans gave it when they destroyed the Jews. Some Jews had a very bad idea in 66 AD to go up against the Roman Empire… they were slaughtered a million were killed, and were dispersed, and the Romans wanting to stick it to them gave their homeland which is the west bank. Judea and Samaria…that’s the homeland of the Jews. They [The Roman Empire] gave it the name of the Jew’s enemies the Philistines. The Philistines were Greek Sailors. That’s where Palestine comes from.

So you can see that the “occupation” is a complete fiction propagated by our uneducated news media and the Arab world. What is true is that there is a Nazi crusade to eliminate all non-Muslim people from the Middle East. That’s why there’s no peace in the Middle East.”

How the Christians have been duped: Christian Zionism

It’s time for Christians to understand their desire for re-establishment of a Jewish homeland in the territory defined as the historic Land of Israel is not biblical, but rather an orchestrated plan by Rothschild and Untermeyer, an attorney, who was instrumental in preparing the Federal Reserve Banking law in 1910, and the financing of Scofield’s Reference bible. Yes, you have been had. Be man enough to admit it once you have been presented with the facts below…




Unlike many in the MSM, I don’t think Trump is looking for more power and money, but I do believe he is a nationalist looking after what he believes is the best interest of America. This is either a colossal blunder or there are motives and plans of which I’m not aware. It is important to realize that Trump is not in complete control of the CIA/NSA/DOJ or the State Department so he is having to work within this framework which may make things he does appear stupid or incoherent. Trump is good at setting up traps for others to walk into. Certainly Trump has no influence over the real decision makers: 1) Chatham House, the Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA) or 2) Pratt House, Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) or 3) Bank for International Settlements (BIS)

The powers that shouldn’t be are looking for a war with Iran so this might be a prelude for this war. This would bring in Russia and China.

The Trump Method?

by DAVID BROWN | CLEARNFO.com | December 19, 2017

Do I detect a pattern here, or am I dreaming?

Seems like Trump’s technique is as follows:

1) First off, he is fully aware of the game going on around him, but pretends he has no clue
2) This gives his adversaries a false sense of confidence and perceived advantage
3) He then trolls these adversaries shifting them up a notch emotionally
4) He also drops ambiguous clues only an insider would have, creating uncertainty and low level panic in his heretofore confident adversaries
5) This ramps up the emotions another notch
6) In this confused and emotional state, his adversaries make a hasty move making easy to discover mistakes in the process
7) Trump points nonchalantly to their easily discoverable and easy to understand error and lets others expose his adversaries’ villainy
8) Benefit: Trump advances one square, letting others finish off what he has teed up.

If this is true, it is possible that the Trump plan was to let the DNC commit their usual crimes stealing the Alabama vote, while the DOJ and others were watching closely setting up traps for these clueless criminals.

If this scenario plays out, this is more evidence Trump is playing the game at a higher level than most assume.

Trump has flipped

by DAVID BROWN | CLEARNFO.com | April  23, 2017

Quick assessment on Trump:

  1. He has flipped to the Neocons
  2. He has flipped to the Deep State
  3. He has partially flipped to the Globalists

If Trump flips on all three, we will have a de facto continuation of the Bush, Clinton, Bush, and Obama agendas.

More in-depth, penetrating analysis from from Dr. Paul Craig Roberts…

TMR 171 : Dr. Paul Craig Roberts : Trump Is Over
Published on Saturday, 22 April 2017 20:50

“I think that the Trump presidency is already over. I’m not even sure he qualifies as a figurehead.”—PCR

Dr. Julian Charles: “We are joined once again by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, former US Assistant Secretary to the Treasury for Economic Policy, for a discussion on the Trump presidency so far.”

Dr. Roberts assesses the performance of the new president and his administration with reference to pre-election promises; shares with us his view that the deep state has effectively neutralised Donald Trump as US president; gives his reaction to the so-called “Syrian gas attack” in Idlib, and the subsequent military action by the US against Syria; and considers the very real prospects for war as Washington steps up its warmongering around the globe.

James Perloff on Trump, Syria and the New World Order

Published on May 25, 2017

James Perloff returns to Our Interesting Times to his article “Trump Is Unmasked: 14 Reasons Why the Syria Airstrikes Were a Really Bad Idea.”  We talk about President Trump’s decision to order a missile attack on a Syrian airfield last month and why this apparent betrayal is a signal that his administration has been co-opted by neoconservative warmongers and the Israeli lobby. Later we discuss Trump’s alleged ties to Russia, his connections to the Deep State and organized crime.


TMR 171 : Dr. Paul Craig Roberts : Interview Notes
Published on Saturday, 22 April 2017 16:27

Trump and the Neocons

by DAVID BROWN | CLEARNFO.com | April  15, 2017

There are many theories on the Trump phenomenon.  Here are a few variables to consider:

  • The RNC and the DNC did not want Trump to win.
  • The DNC’s preferred candidate was Hillary Clinton
  • The RNC’s preferred candidate was Jeb Bush
  • The establishment Republicans preferred Hillary to Trump (on record); there were likely many more.
  • Trump was seen by the DNC and likely by the RNC as a tool to assure a Hillary victory
  • The CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) did not want Trump
  • The Trilateral Commission did not want Trump
  • The Neocons did not want Trump
  • The Bilderbergers did not want Trump
  • The Davos bootlickers and groupies did not want Trump
  • The MSM did not want Trump
  • Elements of the deep state did not want Trump (Deep State: The permanent state.  Those elements controlled by the CFR who reside within the permanent state. Examples: CIA, NSA, State Department and many other top agencies.)
  • The European Commission which controls the EU did not want Trump
  • Hillary cheated Bernie out of the nomination
  • The RNC attempted to cheat Trump out of the nomination
  • There was massive unreported voter fraud committed by Hillary supporters during the election
  • George Soros did not want Trump
  • The uninformed and misinformed Democrat rank and file did not want Trump

The table was set for a Hillary win, but Trump’s populism overwhelmed the system.  Despite Trump’s win, the powerful enemies list above was not to be denied.  Their next step was to stop Trump at any cost.  They’ve tried to tie Trump to the Russians with absolutely zero evidence and despite the full support of the MSM to paint this narrative in the minds of the American public, this ruse has failed. They would like to have an impeachment, but I’m not sure if they have figured this one out yet, though they are working day and night on this tactic.  In the meantime, Trump’s enemies within the deep state, and with help from the neocons in Congress, have been able to apparently cause Trump defaults on many of his campaign pledges; though some may seem to be a default are in fact consistent with his prior statements.

A few signs of problems surfaced prior to the election like Trump’s pick of Pence for VP.  Pence is a true-blue globalist, though many uninformed have debated me on this.  Pence being labeled as a conservative Christian is enough for them.   What they do not realize is that I was doing some homework on Pence prior to his selection as VP.  What I discovered was very disturbing.  I read Pence’s web site while he was Governor of Indiana (2013–2017).  On his web site was a glowing, detailed endorsement of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) which was my major concern with Cruz.  This was removed from the Website immediately after Pence was picked for VP.  Unknown to most of Americans who have their head permanently stuck inside the propaganda cannon we call TV, the TPP would have ceded US sovereignty to an unelected board of bureaucrats reporting to international banking and business interest subjugating the US Constitution under this globalist framework. The TPP would have controlled the movement of goods services and people and relegated the US Constitution to an historical foot note.  Even the passage of the fast track authorization for TPP in the Senate was done underhandedly.  Since the TPP is a treaty and not an agreement it is required to have a 2/3rds vote (66) in the senate—which they did not have– but the Republican-controlled senate changed this constitutional requirement to a simple majority vote of 51 calling this treaty an agreement.  Additionally, the agreement was held behind locked doors in the basement where none of the Senators could read this 5,544 page treaty prior to passage without special provisions.  You could not have a cell phone, take pictures or notes or have an aid accompany you.

NPR: “For any senator who wants to study the draft TPP language, it has been made available in the basement of the Capitol, inside a secure, soundproof room. There, lawmakers surrender their cellphones and other mobile devices. Any notes taken inside the room must be left in the room.

Only aides with high-level security clearances can accompany lawmakers. Members of Congress can’t ask outside industry experts or lawyers to analyze the language. They can’t talk to the public about what they read. And Brown says there’s no computer inside the secret room to look something up when there’s confusion. You just consult the USTR official.”

So for Pence to support TPP, either he is a moron, uninformed or he is a globalist.  Pence is no moron.

Then we have the case of General Michael Flynn (Trump’s National Security Adviser) who was forced to resign because he wasn’t entirely honest with VP Pence about talking to the Russians.  This is a bold-faced lie and used as cover to get rid of Flynn.  Why?  Because, yes Flynn did talk to the Russians, but that is his job. Now what did he say to the Russians?  Flynn deflected from any substantive talks and said that they could discuss with Trump and others once Trump was confirmed.  Nothing wrong here, but Flynn was forced out nonetheless.

It is important to note why Flynn is so important here.  Flynn was the General who outed Obama’s support for ISIS, and Flynn led that part of the deep state that refused to support ISIS.  Flynn’s leadership in this internal battle helped elect Trump and protect Trump, yet Trump thought nothing of throwing Flynn and his reputation under the bus.  Why?  I do not know, but what I do know is that the reason Trump gave for removing Flynn was a bold-faced lie.

Since the Flynn removal, Trump has moved closer to the position of the Neocons as evidenced when he used the exact same lie Obama did to attack Syria.  Trump lie #2.  Everyone including Trump knows that Assad did not release sarin gas on his own people, but that doesn’t matter for the narrative promulgated by the neocons and their sycophant press.  So now, Trump is seeming to look more acceptable to the Neocons but has alienated much of his base.    Trump has done a 180 on his support for NATO and is showing other signs of compromise on previously stated core values.  Trump’s selection of CIA Chief Mike Pompeo is very worrisome to say the least.

The true-blue Trump supporters are saying that Trump is playing –not 3D chess– but 64D chess, and we just can’t see the big picture.   While Trump is a great improvement over a Jeb or a Hillary and continues to deliver on some domestic promises, we cannot relax, we must continue the battle to reestablish this Republic and the Individual Rights our founding documents guarantee.

Has Trump Surrendered?

by DAVID BROWN | CLEARNFO.com | April  6, 2017

Is Trump losing the Neocon chess game or is he just sacrificing some pawns to ready for a future attack? 

Neocon Chess …
-Flynn Resigns as National Security Adviser
-Bannon removed from National Security Council
-Nunes steps aside from Russia investigation
-Trump attacks Syria

Trump just lobbed 59 Tomahawk missiles ($1.6M ea.) at a country that does not threaten the US and without a declaration of war as required by the US Constitution. Keep in mind that Assad has done nothing to the USA and does not threaten our national security in the least. Also, keep in mind, the first sarin gas attack the West blamed on Assad turned out to be supplied by Hillary. Does it matter the so-called (US-backed) ‘rebels’ have slaughtered 100s of thousands of innocent Syrians, most of whom were Christians? Does it matter that only Putin and Assad (not US/NATO) are protecting the Christians in Syria?


Saudi Arabia and Qatar didn’t want Iran and Syria to build a proposed pipeline between Iran and Syria which would have been competition to the House of Saud and Qatar (Our best head-chopping buds for life). The House of Saud didn’t like Syria’s Assad because he is Alawite not Sunni like them. Most of Syria (64%) is Sunni. Interesting note: Muslims, Jews and Christians have lived and worked in relative peace together in Syria for 200 years. Also, it is important to note that the US Geopolitical strategy was to destabilize the Middle East which included Syria so the Saudi and US State Department are in complete agreement that Assad must to go.

Dueling Pipelines

DRUDGE headlines from 4/6/17…

  • ‘Targeted Military Strike’ on Airfield…
  • In Response to Chemical Attack…
  • Missiles Launched from Warships in Mediterranean…
  • Pentagon Confident ‘No Russian Forces At Air Field’…

TRUMP: August 30, 2013…

HILLARY: April 6, 2017…

Trump losing his base …

Update April 11, 2017: from the Saker…

A multi-level analysis of the US cruise missile attack on Syria and its consequences

A multi-level analysis of the US cruise missile attack on Syria and its consequences


by DAVID BROWN | CLEARNFO.com | Mar 18, 2017


In lieu of a formal report card on Trump, here is my quick and dirty thumbnail sketch …

I haven’t done a detailed report card on Trump yet, but I am getting a general idea of some plusses and minuses. Of course, my judgement is entirely my opinion based mostly on the larger pieces of the puzzle. I care not about Trump’s hair or the size of his fingers and I do not follow the obvious false Russian connection or any of the other hogwash dished out by the MSM and their controllers… and I am fully aware that his own adopted party is the greatest threat to Trump’s success. So what can we pin on Trump so far?

In the good column, he has ended TPP, which is the main reason I have been a Trump supporter. Had TPP passed, the US would have ceded its sovereignty to a group of unelected bureaucrats controlled by international money masters. Trump gets an A+ here.

I was hoping that Trump could see though the false claims and orchestrated war-mongering against Russia and move quickly to remove sanctions and mend our relationship with the great Russian people; but it looks as though Trump has taken the bait on this. I was also hoping that Trump would use our defense industry for defense not offense, but here too he disappoints. Apparently Trump doesn’t realize or doesn’t want to realize that the US and Saudi Arabia are the major supporters of ISIS and their ilk. The best way to fight ISIS therefore would be to stop funding, arming and training ISIS, but Trump like all other 2016 candidates has chosen to cozy up the House of Saud and attack Syria (under the old tired ruse of fighting ISIS) and now Trump is assisting the Saudis in their war against Yemen. A more informed President who was truly against Globalism would be cutting the House of Saud off at the knee caps.

On the matter of Goldman Sachs, here too, Trump disappoints. While many connect Bannon to Goldman Sachs, they don’t realize that –while Bannon use to work there– Bannon is definitely anti-Goldman Sachs in his political outlook. This is good. But Trump has also appointed four other high-level Goldman Sachs folks to important positions which is bad in my opinion. You can argue that you need someone who really understands the technical web we have found ourselves in, so Goldman Sachs folks could help; but Goldman Sachs is an apex predator and irredeemably evil, so this too looks to be a major error from my perspective.

While Trump’s budget is making some long overdue cuts to some government units, they really should be eliminated. I don’t know the political calculus that would go into eliminating departments but the United States Department of Education should be eliminated.

Some of the major swamp dwellers are predator agencies like the CIA, NSA and United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) who work under the governance of the CFR and the money masters, not for the US citizens. These all should be eliminated or completely routed out at the top and the core and brought in line with the US Constitution, but Trump’s proposed budget seeks to only to reward with additional money and power. Not good.

Picking Jeff Sessions for United States Attorney General was on the surface a good move, but after Sessions recused himself over a flimsy, false MSM diatribe, it makes me wonder if Sessions has the grit to stay the course and prosecute Hillary, Obama and their lackeys for their treasonous crimes. Sessions was great on TPP so he is still my hero, but we must go after these top-level criminals with vigor. His recusal was weak… very weak and concerning.

Jeff also disappoints when it comes to protecting our 4th amendment and his apparent willingness to go after marijuana users. It’s a plant for Pete’s sake with a ton of industrial and medical uses, and besides in the land of the free, it is none of the government’s damn business.

The firing of General Flynn was another Trump failure in my book. Not sure what Trump’s calculus was there but Flynn had risked his career by outing Obama on his support for ISIS and led the counter coup against Hillary and her deep-state insiders. Flynn knew where the bodies were buried and could be trusted. Big loss for Trump.

Trump’s selection of Mike Pence for VP, another bad move from my perspective. While Mike is smart and articulate and seems to be a nice guy, he is a globalist through and through and cannot be trusted with an anti-globalist agenda.

Despite the many negatives listed above, Trump has given the USA one last chance to get it right, but we must watch Trump like a hawk and hold him accountable and make sure we kick the Globalists and all their enablers to the curb. The fight has just begun.



Wall Street First  By Michael Hudson (March 24, 2017 “Information Clearing House”)

RNC Dirty Tricks

by DAVID BROWN | CLEARNFO.com | April 09, 2016

RNC finger prints on my email.

RNC’s finger prints found on deceptive email.

Deception from the RNC … and I caught ’em Red-Handed.

The RNC sent me an email today (04/09/16) pretending that the email was from:
Donald Trump News at Reagan Reports (Screen shot below)

Here is the physical name and address located at the bottom of the email (omitted from the screen shot)…

Donald Trump News
1501 Northpoint Parkway, Suite 104
West Palm Beach, FL 33407 USA
Trump Breaking News <reaganreports@reply.reaganreports.com>

Notice that the domain name in their email address contains the words Reagan Reports.

Now, how do I know it came from the RNC? Since I own my own domain and am my own email admin, I can do some very interesting things. For example, when I subscribe to any web site, I always list the website’s name as the first few characters in my email address. That way if they sell my email address, I know exactly who the original seller was. In this case the first three letters on my email are RNC, to wit… RNCpoll@<<MY DOMAIN NAME>>.com. This is a made up email address but comes to my domain in any event since it has no other place to go.

RNC dirty tricks

RNC dirty tricks (Click to enlarge)

Additional NFO on the uncloaking of the RNC:

My Take on the 2016 Presidential Primary

by DAVID BROWN | CLEARNFO.com | April 06, 2016


With Cruz and Kasich still in the game, Trump will not be able to achieve the 1,237 required delegates to win on the first vote at the Republican Convention to be held July 18–21 in Cleveland, Ohio.  On the first vote the delegates won are committed to vote for the primary winners in their district, state, etc. based on the particular rules of the state RNC apparatus.  If Trump does not have the requisite 1,237 votes on this first ballot, it goes to a second vote.  On the second vote, however, the delegates are uncommitted so can vote for whomever they choose or the party bosses tell them to vote for.  Most establishment Republicans do not want Trump, so a second vote is likely the end of the Trump candidacy.  We could see a 3rd and 4th vote before a candidate is chosen. Right now, rule 40 –which was designed to stop Ron Paul in 2012– only allows those who have won 8 states to be considered.  If this rule is not changed, the only two who can be considered are Trump and Cruz. Expect this rule to be changed just before the convention, allowing anyone to be considered, including Kasich.  On the second vote, it is likely to be Cruz since there is such fear and hatred for Trump’s populous policies and the fact that the RNC and others cannot control or manipulate Trump.  The RNC does not like Cruz because of his grandstanding in the Senate, but Cruz has been compromised and can therefore be controlled by blackmail.  Additionally, Cruz has very deep ties into the Bush Crime family so that is a plus.  The power brokers at the RNC will run an endgame to insert a key operative into the VP slot and the cake is baked.

Now the question is, can a Cruz campaign win against a Hillary or a Bernie?   I believe it is likely that the Trump supporters will feel cheated and thus either not vote or vote in opposition for the DNC candidate to show their displeasure to the RNC.  The RNC has been fully uncloaked by this fiasco and will be history.  The RNC knows this, but a Hillary or a Bernie president is much better for the RNC than a Trump in any event and so we will have business as usual.  The only benefit I can see in having another Democrat in the White House at noon on January 20th, 2017, is that when the massive financial bubble finally bursts, the Democrats will be blamed.

I’m not sure if this Republic based on the US Constitution and the rule of law can survive the criminality we are witnessing in every branch of our government, but there will be a reset of the economy and of the current political structure.  The only question for me is what will this new structure look like?  History has taught us that after a major reset (excepting 1776), the new regime is almost always much, much worse than the prior.  We live in very interesting times.  Buckle your seat-belts, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

Additional NFO:

Why Obama and Hillary must stop Donald Trump at all costs

Michael Savage DESTROYS and Exposes Ted Cruz – 3/10/16

TRUMP – Keeping it Simple

by DAVID BROWN | CLEARNFO.com | April 04, 2016

Trump face

Jerome Corsi has known Trump for over 40 years and says that Trump is the real deal.  Jeff Sessions is one of the few Senators who has read the TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) and took a strong stand against it. Those who voted for Obama’s fast track of TPP were paid over $200 million to sell our sovereignty to un-elected international bankers and corporations. Sessions also supports Trump.

Longtime friend, confidant and former Trump adviser, Roger Stone told Alex Jones that Trump was “fully awake”.  By this I assume we are to believe that Trump knows about the big game to place the US under the control of a super-constitutional authority a.k.a. the NWO, using some of the following:

  • Open Borders – overwhelm the social system (Cloward-Piven strategy), reduce wages, dilute the vote and remove the idea of the ‘nation-state’
  • UN Agenda 21 (now 2030 Agenda) – destroy property rights, control people’s behavior, concentrate people into large cities where they can be controlled and monitored thus saving mother earth
  • Strong Cities Network (SCN) – Global Police Force here in the US, yes that’s right foreign police forces on US streets to prevent violent extremism
  • Free Trade Agreements – TPP, TTIP, etc. This will cede US Sovereignty to international Banks and Corporations and their paid, un-elected bureaucrats
  • NATO’s Operation Gladio – used to destabilize governments, now tuned in on the US to divide and conquer, destabilize using color-style revolutions
  • 9/11 inside Job – excuse for unconstitutional and illegal, undeclared wars; and used to remove individual rights though the Patriot Act and the mindless, incessant mantra of ‘National Security’ for all matters increasing the size and scope of government control and the removal of civil liberties
  • US support for ISIS – the new bigger, badder and better funded boogie man that we can all fear
  • Etc., etc., etc.…

So far, all of Trump’s positions line up nicely against the above globalist initiatives (strategies); and of course, his enemy list is impressive: DNC/RNC, CFR, Bilderbergers, Davos groupies, Goldman Sachs all of whom are on the exact opposite side of Trump on all of these NWO initiatives.

Trump’s problem, however, is in dealing with the press and of course the naive public. He must, therefore, speak in broad generalities, simple terms, and be circumspect; since neither the uninformed public nor the gatekeeper-press can tolerate the truth, which would require the destruction of deeply-held assumptions and the years of 360º, 24X7 programming by the media.

Thus, when Trump says we need to eliminate NATO because its usefulness and original purpose has long expired or when he says we need to eliminate NATO because we are paying too much, the press and the public jump on this and question his uninformed position by crying “Who will fight ISIS?”, etc. not realizing of course that it was the US and NATO that have long been using ISIS, Al-Qaeda (The Base) and other ‘crazy Islamists’ as their own personal proxy army to accomplish their clandestine geopolitical goals; which BTW are NOT in the interest of US or EU Citizens.

Trump must do the same dance for all the other topics listed above, or any anti-globalist positions for that matter, which may require a sense of history or context to understand.  Trump must not say too much, else wise he be labeled the CIA-Weaponized term: ‘A Conspiracy Theorist!’ by those who still believe in the establishment’s synthetic reality.

NOTE: Stone served as an adviser to the 2016 presidential campaign of Donald Trump. He left the campaign on August 8, 2015.

Why Obama and Hillary must stop Donald Trump at all costs: (This video has been removed, sorry.)

Jeff Sessions: America’s Sovereignty at Stake in 2016 Presidential Election