MSM Lying about Ukraine

by DAVID BROWN | | March 7, 2015

Brian W LiarHow do you know the entire MSM (Mainstream Media) are lying to you about Russia and Ukraine? It is an easily provable fact to any person capable of critical thought that the US orchestrated the war in Ukraine, not Russia, yet the MSM insist on blaming Russia. How do I know this? The evidence is overwhelming to anyone who cares to pay attention.

The Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs at the United States Department of State Victoria Jane Nuland and the US Ambassador to Ukraine, Geoffrey Pyatt have been caught on a leaked phone call planning the replacement of the democratically elected government in Ukraine. Prior to this takeover by the US, the CIA spent over $5 billion on covert NGOs to foment unrest in Ukraine. George Soros has admitted to helping the CIA with this putsch and we have copies of original documents showing that billionaire Pierre Omidyar co-funded Ukraine revolution groups with the US government.

Frederic Mousseau, who is a Policy Director at The Oakland Institute:

“We saw in 2013 that Monsanto invested $140 million in new seed plans in Ukraine. It is clearly the bread basket of Europe and it is a key target for a company like Monsanto, which sees this huge potential for production and this huge market. Europe has been quite resistant in allowing GMOs, but if they are successful in Ukraine then there might be a domino effect in Europe.”

The $17 billion IMF loan to Ukraine is contingent on Ukraine allowing GMO crops: IMF loan stipulations require permitting GMO production.


Crimea for Dummies

Published on Sep 12, 2014:  Miguel Francis, a Los Angeles film school graduate, travels to Crimea to discover for himself how life there has changed since it was reunited with Russia. He explores the beautiful Peninsula’s history and cultural heritage and takes in some of Crimea’s tourist attractions while talking to local people about their attitudes to becoming Russian citizens.

The famous Russian documentary on Crimea with Putin (with subtitles)

GMO and Europe’s “Bread Basket”. Monsanto’s Land Grab in Ukraine
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