Asset-Stripping Ukraine


by DAVID BROWN | | August 20, 2014

Let the ass-raping begin … anyone who has studied the history of the IMF fully realizes and can easily recognize the IMF’s tried and true method of operation when they see it. BTW, the IMF is a tool of the ‘Predominant Power Structure’ which controls the US State Department, Geopolitics and media. Our friendly bankers at the IMF come bearing false gifts of good tidings & money to help needy countries; only to load them up with massive debts that they can never, ever repay. Once they can’t pay back the first traunch, the fun begins. To get more money to help them out of an even more desperate situation, the host country –in this case Ukraine– must then turn over the control of their country to their new money masters at the IMF. History shows that a large portion of the funds go to the private Swiss bank accounts of the heads of state of the host country and rarely to the stated purpose: people or infrastructure. Bottom line is that the bankers create money out of nothing and then use this money as a tool to take control and then asset-strip third-world countries across the globe. This my friends is how the sausage of US Foreign policy is really made. If you don’t have a clue, get a clue. If you can’t afford a clue rent one from me. Do your homework and quit falling for every 10 second headline spewing from the mouths of the gatekeeper press.

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